Killed for Fun – Evil trophy hunters ‘Pay thousands to have leopards kneecapped to make them easier to hunt’

Killed for Fun – Evil trophy hunters ‘pay thousands to have leopards kneecapped to make them easier to hunt’

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Pathetic trophy can pay extra to have majestic lions, giraffes and zebras “kneecapped” before they hunt them, so they’re guaranteed to get a kill-shot, it has been claimed.

After shelling out around £50 k on the initial safari, the hunters can pay thousands extra per animal they wish to kill.

Hunters can pay to have the wild animals shot in the legs before they stalk and kill them, it is alleged (file photo)

According to BILD, a salesperson from HHK Safaris told a reporter: “We drive up to 30 meters with leopards, shoot the animal in the legs first, then you can kill it”.

On their website, HHK Safaris describe themselves as: “Africa’s largest safari operator, with exclusive control over some of Africa’s best Hunting and Fishing concessions.

“Our wildlife concessions and our diverse hunting quotas allow us to tailor safaris to our clients’ individual demands”. HHK Safaris told Sun Online they deny these claims. The company’s website boasts endless snaps of dead beasts

And it’s not the first time a safari company has been accused of offering sickening deals. Following a year–long investigation into the callous industry headed by former Tory peer Lord Ashcroft, it was revealed last year huge numbers of lions are targeted inside fenced enclosures by wealthy trophy hunters.

Dubbed “” animals are bred inside enclosures where they are then hunted down by wealthy tourists. According to brochures, hunters can pay prices ranging from £200 to £12,000 to kill animals on the sick canned hunting farms – including , baboons, hippos and buffalo.

animals such as elephants, tigers, lion and also have a price on their heads – but they are each quoted ‘depending on availability’. Those that aren’t shot by the heartless hunters are butchered in slaughterhouses for their bones – used to treat ailments like rheumatism.

Besides the bones, other body parts are in great demand as the animal represents strength and bravery, which are believed to be transferred to the patient. And in October, a sick safari company was slammed for offering bargain hunting packages with a sickening kill one, shoot one for free deal.

The -based firm brags it offers “unrivalled Big 5 hunting safari packages” and lion hunting safaris.

The ‘Big 5’ consists of the , , , lion, and rhinoceros – which are the most difficult and most dangerous species to hunt. The news comes as wildlife campaigners say it is has never been cheaper to become a trophy hunter, reports The Mirror.

Hunting companies have previously drawn criticism for sickening ‘by one get one free’ deals (file photo) Credit: royaloutfittersuk
The tour operator in Zimbabwe boasts ‘Africa’s largest safari operator, with exclusive control over some of Africa’s best Hunting and Fishing concessions’ (file photo).

This article was first published by The Sun on 31 January 2020.

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WTF is clever about killing a big wild animal ?? It’s not as if these creeps can miss !! WTF is the thrill ?? I don’t get it at all. The mentality of them is 0 . Their respect for life is 0, they are plain EVIL !!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Heartless brainless soulless psycho futhamukkaz

Jim Takahashi
Jim Takahashi

Trophy hunting is a “sport” predominantly enjoyed by white people (mostly AmeriKKKans), showing a white people’s deep-rooted cultural trait. Yes, this is a cultural issue and needs to be acknowledged and addressed as such. So, the core of the problem is not those individual psychos. It’s a deep-rooted cultural issue. Needless to say, unless the breeding ground is eradicated, there will be more and more germs coming from there. Remember, a good system would not tolerate bad individuals. In a culture where animals are farmed and killed, there’s not much respect for their fear and pain, or rather human dominance… Read more »

Sue Lesmond
Sue Lesmond

The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters!!!! An eye for an eye!!!! OH YESSSS!!!!


Knee-capping animals to make them easier to kill is one of he most disturbing and disgusting things I have read. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to knee-cap the hunters, giving the defenceless animals more of a chance?