Koala cull resumes in Australian tourist destination

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They may be a national symbol, but authorities in are culling a colony of koalas in a popular tourist destination.

The move from the state government of Victoria is in reaction to the burgeoning population at Cape Otway, in the south of Australia.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWEP) is carrying out a health assessment of koalas, and those seen to be injured or unwell could be euthanised.

In a statement, DELWEP spokesperson Mandy Watson said: “Any unhealthy koalas, which are deemed too sick to survive release, will be humanely euthanised to prevent further suffering.”

Between 2013 and 2014 700 koalas were secretly culled. Further koala euthanisation is likely to provoke a reaction from animal rights enthusiasts, who say the problem is a lack of trees rather than too many koalas.

This article was first published by The Telegraph on 26 May 2015.


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Maureen Ellen McGill

Why don't they plant more trees for them. Bastards.

Linda French

SO SAD to read this, once again it is wildlife that loses when we deplete the trees, forest and habitat of all animals, and the Koala the iconic representation of Australia along with the Kangaroo (which is also in danger)

Natalia Tihonova

I wholeheartedly agreed: Incredible was just the word for it.

Julie Beddome

"Secretly culled" because they were afraid of PETA, etc. They should be worried. Humans should and can stop this sort of thing!

Fran Occupy Hoef-Bouchard

Once again people putting people first. In nature that is not how it works, but people are too dim-witted and selfish to even realize this. What makes this more tragic, it is being done for the purpose of entertainment. Tourism is entertainment, not a necessity. Humans continue to disappointment me.

Wendé Anne Maunder

This is utterly tragic. How CAN the Australian government justify this? Culling seems to be a disease that has infected all countries. Will there be any wildlife left.

Bob Bushell


Anne Grice

This is disgraceful and [email protected]