New campaign: hey China, stop killing the ‘pandas of Africa’

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A new public-service campaign in will ask potential ivory and horn buyers to see the victims of these illicit trades in a new light: as the “pandas of Africa.” The posters are a part of WildAid’s “Say No to Ivory and Horn” campaign, which was launched earlier in the year.

“These new works aim to enhance China’s current efforts, shining a light on their accomplishments while asking them to broaden the impact of their kindness,” says WildAid Executive Director Peter Knights.

The poster reads: Protect the pandas of Africa – rhinos. When the buying stops the killing can too. Image courtesy of WildAid.

The poster reads: Protect the pandas of Africa – elephants. When the buying stops the killing can too. Image courtesy of WildAid.

The poster reads: Do you want to buy bloody ? When the buying stops the killing can too. Image courtesy of WildAid.

The poster reads: Do you want to own ivory dripping with blood? When the buying stops the killing can too. Image courtesy of WildAid.

The new posters, which also include an additional “blood” ivory and rhino horn design, were created by well-known artist and conservationist, Asher Jay.

“By transforming consumers into conservationists, we can directly impact the future of Africa’s rhinos and elephants,” says Jay. “Cultural change is a contagious phenomenon, and comes with a tipping point—it starts with a few, gets adopted by many, and is then condemned by all. It is my daily hope that rhino and .”

Elephants and rhinos in Africa are being decimated for the illegal wildlife trade driven largely by demand in China and other East Asian countries. Experts have estimated that in recent years around 30,000 elephants have been butchered every year by poachers for their tusks. Rhino mortalities are fewer, but largely because there are less rhinos to target: already this year, South Africa has lost 790 rhinos—a new record for the country.

The underground cartels that fuel the illegal wildlife trade, worth an estimated $19 billion, are also often linked human trafficking, drugs, and arms sales. Most recently, experts have noted that terrorist group Al-Shabaab is in part fundraising its activities—including the massacre in the Westgate Shopping mall in Nairobi which left over 70 dead—by killing elephants for ivory.

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Brenda Robinson

These would be great posters to carry at the next elephant/rhino marches, ESPECIALLY as I believe we are going to be marching in CHINA TOWN! Anyone in a position to do that in time for next march? Sorry, forget date right now…

Rosa Borisova
Rosa Borisova

WWF are the poachers them selves!!!I Un till the last year was a donor but when I saw pictures of their entourage murdering wild life in Africa,called them immediately and ask if they are pro hunting…The answer was shocking YES(with some conditions)!?. They are saying that some animals must be "controlled" but ironically forget that they must control them selves. Without the human race the animals will be in perfect balance. The animals ado not kill for "fun",profits,tropes or "sports" but just to survive! I am disgusted of WWF! There is no excuse!!!

Andrea Cochran
Andrea Cochran

Where have the WWF been over the past 50 years? They should have been doing this years ago especially as they chose the panda as there emblem!!!

Julie Beddome

Wondering why this didn't happen years ago…

David Geoffrey Jackson

NEVER, EVER stop campaigning ! !

Marda DeWet

Thank you very much for drawing my attention to WildAid. I have never heard of the organization even though I regard myself as being well informed with regards to the conservation and animal activism movements around the world. If they can bring their work to fruition, it would make an enormous difference to bloodsoaked poaching story.