Northern bald ibis return to nest in Syria

Northern bald ibis return to nest in Syria

The three known adult Northern bald ibis in the Middle East have returned to their nesting site in Syria. The three birds, known as Odeinat, Salama and Zenobia, are safely back from their migration across Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia. This is particularly pleasing since Salama had not transmitted since late last year, but this now seems to simply be tag failure rather than anything worse.

Northern bald ibis return to nest in Syria
Two other birds of unknown origin were seen at the birds winter feeding grounds in Ethiopia in February. However there is still no sign of these two untagged birds that so where those birds go is fast becoming a source of speculation. They were not first year juveniles, so could definitely not be last years fledglings.

Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita)

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