Petition: California Man illegally Hunts and Kills Elephant Outside Kruger National Park in South Africa

Petition: California Man illegally Hunts and Kills Elephant Outside Kruger National Park in South Africa

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A PETA investigation revealed footage of a California man an elephant outside in South Africa.

Hunting is banned in the area, yet this hunter and his guides had no problem ignoring the rules to get their prize.

The footage is horrifying and upsetting to watch. In the video footage, the elephant is lying quietly in the bushes, and then the hunter shoots at the animal, who collapses to its knees.

The hunter continues to shoot at the elephant until the footage stops.

It’s unclear how many shots it took this amateur hunter to kill the animal.

The hunter, Aaron Raby, a crane operator who lives in Los Angeles County, paid for the pleasure of killing this beautiful creature.

Raby paid $30,000 to attend the hunt and shoot the elephant and then an additional $20,000 to send the elephant home to the United States in parts.

and their promoters often use conservation to tout the benefits of . But many are in it for the thrill of the kill.

Watch the footage from PETA:

Source: PETA

Sign this petition to tell UPS to stop shipping elephant parts!

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 4 August 2020. Lead Image Source: Donovan van Staden/

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Michèle Lebourg


Diana Fgl


Aurélie Pierrard


Patricia Bayle


Mireille Roulet


Isabelle Fernandès

Demandez à UPS d’arrêter l’expédition de pièces de Trophée de chasse récipiendaire: David P. Abney United Parcel Service, PDG 1032 SUPPORTERS- 10 000 BUT C’est une course contre la montre pour certaines espèces d’animaux. Nous devons agir maintenant et faire savoir à cette société que nous nous battrons pour ceux qui sont tués comme Cecil le Lion. Faites-leur savoir que cela doit cesser! Ceux qui sont d’accord avec l’expédition de parties du corps de chasse aux trophées participent à l’extinction des animaux sur notre planète. Il est temps pour UPS de cesser de se soucier uniquement de l’argent. Demandez à… Read more »

Jana Marzano

Creep cruel!! Stop it

Alison Moanique

dont let him get away with it. people who have committed far lesser crimes are serving long prison sentences! wealthy people should not be treated differently under the law!

Debra Sommerfeld


Karen Lyons Kalmenson

If you want to hunt build a time machine and go back to the Stone Age


This is beyond sick, this untrained, unhinged, amateur trophy killer along with the deadbeats around him showed us the unwavering, {ocean deep} cruelty that lies within the human soul. This is unholy and the devil will have the first dance with this joker.What role does PETA play throughout the killing process? Where was PETA when the shooting started? Humans that kill for the thrill should hone their practice and skill level to be able to master the single KILL SHOT.

Michele Jankelow
Michele Jankelow

I often wonder where the honourable people are who photograph horrors and never seem to stop it!