Hundreds Of Whales Brutally Slaughtered In The Faroe Islands During Sickening Whale Hunting Season; This Must End!

Petition: Hundreds Of Whales Brutally Slaughtered In The Faroe Islands During Sickening Whale Hunting Season

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Animal activists from around the world are mourning the death of hundreds of whales and dolphins after the ’ horrific whale “tradition” continued last month.

Many had hoped for this year’s season to be cancelled due to the pandemic, but sadly, it was given the go ahead by fishing ministry Jacob Vestergaard on July 7th.

Sea Shepherd has long condemned this “barbarous practice,” while demanding an end to the Faroe Islands’ outdated whale hunting season.

Every year, up to 1,000 migrating and other dolphins are hunted and brutally killed in the Danish protectorate of the Faroe Islands.

Sea Shepherd has led opposition to the grindadráp since the 1980s, saving the lives of hundreds of pilot whales and bringing global attention to the ongoing slaughters.

A total of 28 Sea Shepherd volunteers have been arrested for interfering against the grindadráp, many of whom were subsequently deported for the “crime” of defending pilot whales.

Although Sea Shepherd was able to successfully disrupt the whale hunting season in 2014, the organization was hit with legislation that allowed Danish military to keep the NGO outside Faroese waters.

, another animal rights organization based out of California, posted on twitter, “To the beautiful family of pilot whales that were brutally murdered in the Danish #FaroeIslands, we are so deeply sorry….We will keep fighting to end this insane blood sport. RIP Beautiful family.” The organization also urged people to “Please Boycott the Faroe Islands!”

Fishermen used vessels to herd the whales and dolphins into the bay off Hvalba, a village on the island of Suduroy, where 252 long-finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic White-sided dolphins were brutally killed with spears.

Please sign this petition to help put an end to this sick and horrifying tradition once and for all!

This article was first published by World Animal News on 6 August 2020. Lead Image: Photos by: Sea Shepherd.

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How about we kill those that did that to those beautiful whales, sick.

Dette Charlier


Patricia Bayle


Bernadette Gustin


Isabelle Fernandès

Arrêtez le massacre des baleines aux îles Féroé

récipiendaire: le secrétaire d’État américain John Kerry; Secrétaire de l’ONU Ban Ki Moon
374.208 SUPPORTERS- 380000 BUT

Lori Bryant


Susan Mitnick

STOP the Slaughter of These Loving & Gentle Giants… Please. Thank You!

Liz A. Rabourn


Jeanelle Todd Coutelle

This I hate every year…I will never go to these islands…

Viorica Regep


Debra Sommerfeld


Janet Kenedy

Signed and Shared!

Janet Kenedy

Truly a Sadness that will Overwhelm any Normal person 🙁 🙁 🙁

I Hope those Cruel and Deranged Neanderthals will feel the Burn in their Afterlife!!!!!!

Deb Ellison

Ignorant bastards.

Deb Ellison

Becuae people can’t let go of ancient practices.

Aashiq Tape

Humans as devils

Cecelia Brooks

Karma always gets people like always

Cheryl Bauman

Signed and sickened!

Cheryl Bauman

Boycott anything that has to do with The Faroe Islands until this stops!!!

Silvana Gedda

Le orrende tradizioni si ripetono ..e stiamo parlando della “civilissima” Europa del nord!!!

Edward Bott

Why is Fox hunting still happening? Why is big game trophy hunting still happening? Why is Whaling still happening? Why are game birds still being bred just to be shot? Because money says it still happens and will continue to £££$$$€€€

Valorie Schneider

Why is this still happening?

Anita Scanlon

Murdering monsters

Debbie Theros

No words

Heidi Bresilge

Anyone who participates in this slaughter is a brutal, heartless savage!!!!! :'(

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

This is cruel and despicable beyond all imaginings, and we humans consider ourselves to be the superior species…sick

Alison Moanique

STOP THIS NOW! leave the animals of our planet alone! they do not deserve to be abused and slaughtered by humans.

Robert Piller
Robert Piller

It’s a great pity Sea Shepherd has sold out so appallingly.

Mark Tibet Roper

I once believed these people to be good and civilised, however this is gratuitous murder and violence. Why isn’t anything being done about it, apart from a few environment groups. There aught to be international outrage against it, I cannot believe it still exists on this planet of apes.

Mark Tibet Roper

This is mass murder. Why cannot these people understand. So heartbreaking. Please join the Dolphin Project or Action for Dolphins

William Russell

Just so sad