POLL: Should big-game and canned, trophy hunting be banned?

POLL: Should big-game and canned, trophy hunting be banned?

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Trophy is a documentary about the highly commodified and macabre ultra-luxury sport of “canned” , in which legally restricted big-game hunting events in various African countries are auctioned off for colossal sums to rich people, often from the United States.

These smug types want to play at being the great white hunter but have everything laid on for them, so they get an easy kill.

POLL: Should big-game and canned, trophy hunting be banned?
Sport hunting in is big business, with hunters such as David Barrett paying $10,000 for the experience. Barrett, who is British, and others argue that Western hunters provide vital revenue to local communities. Photograph by Barcroft Media/ Getty

Just as with , Ulrich Seidl’s recent documentary about the same subject, it is impossible to watch this without boiling with rage as these grotesque, pampered beta-males preen themselves over the animals’ corpses, occasionally blubbering sentimentally.

The film has a stomach-turning scene at a hunters’ convention held at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas (the site of the recent mass ).

There is a debate to be had – and this film conscientiously airs it – about whether touristified hunts play a role in conservation.

Prominent among the interviewees is South African farmer John Hume, who makes this case, campaigning for a reverse on the ban on selling , which he claims merely stimulates and the ancillary black market (although the same could be said about legal hunts).

He periodically cuts off his animals’ horns to save them from ’ attentions, but, instead of burning the results the way people do with tusks, Hume stockpiles them in a secure facility, amassing a staggeringly valuable haul, which puts his campaign in a very different light.

It’s a film to raise your blood pressure.


Donald Trump Junior holding the tail of an elephant and a large knife. He is standing next to the carcass of an elephant that has a rifle leaning against it. We don’t know whether he shot the elephant or not, or whether he cut the tail off himself, but that is clearly the impression the photo is meant to give.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 16 Nov 2017.

We invite you to share your opinion whether big-game and canned, trophy hunting should be banned? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should big-game and canned, trophy hunting be banned?

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Editorial Comment: The purpose of this poll is to highlight important wildlife conservation issues and to encourage discussion on ways to stop . By leaving a comment and sharing this post you can help to raise awareness. Thank you for your support.


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Jenell Sawyer
Jenell Sawyer

Big Hunter boy pays some guy alot of money to take him hunting on this guys property and show him to the big huge animal that he would have to be a lame brain to even miss with his big gun and shoot it as it stands out there all innocent minding its own business. Wow big man! Nothing but murder to take its head or is it tail for a trophy to show off.

Beatrice Lavagnino


Sly Stevens

Yes. We need these animals alive.

Kyanna Hanscom


Coralie Schwander
Coralie Schwander

All hunting should be Ban

Sandra Stringfellow

All hunting should be banned.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

if you want to hunt, build a time machine and go back to the stone age!!!

Geri Perry


Margaret McLennan

Watch the movie “Blood Lions”.

Deb Perry-Walter

Hell yes!

Gry Lockert-Andersen


Jason Anderson

Hell yes

Constantino Aucca Chutas

Why we didn’t develo a better sport: Hunting hunters? I am sure that could be more interesting and fun.

Anita OConnor
Anita OConnor


Tonia Vassila


John Creager

Hunters are the only ones provoding real money to manage the wildlife. It taks money to punp up water holes where they never exsisted, money to drill the wells, money to maintain the the wells. MOney to provide armed patrols to stop the poachers.

All the so called animal protection agencies provide money for their board of directors and head honchos, but none for wildlife!


wildlife should be left alone, not managed

Anita OConnor
Anita OConnor

You are bullshit.

John Creager

YOu leaf lickers are simply stupid and ileducated on what it takes to manage widlife!

Anita OConnor
Anita OConnor

your just a gun he and you know nothing more than killing beautiful wild animals, leave them in peace before you got your brain cell wired.

Maria Ianc
Maria Ianc

Absolutely YES !

Paula Mischel


Rita Gonzalez Palmeiro

Yes, animals are becoming extinct and these low life’s are killing the few that are left, besides all that, it is cruel and inhumane, to go into their habitat while they are living the life they were meant to and kill them because it makes some fool feel like a big shot because he killed a defenseless animal, they are idiots beyond explanation.

Mongoose Jones

Of course it should be banned, what a question….if you want to know more about CANNED HUNTING see the documentary movie “Blood Lions”…

Christine Queen


Markus Benz

And the kapo’s are selling their soul. It’s always the insider traitors that cause the downfall

Doraine Anne Van Lew


Dieter Reger



Ah, yes, the old “killing wild animals in order to conserve them” argument! Should trophy hunting be banned – absolutely. This “hunting” is only for the folks with enough money to be able to brag that they killed a wild animal – they might have held the gun, after someone else found the elephant/tiger/lion OR possibly that most dangerous of wild animals a giraffe (!)that someone else tracked the animal or baited it, then stood the “hunter” in the right spot & possibly they were capable of pulling the trigger. Wow – what a fantastic feat that is. Pretty sad… Read more »

Dixie Shelton

Absolutely yes

Faith Daron


Diana Faulkner McCoy


Kimberly Jane Rodgers

Banned !!!

Mary White

Kill the two legged bastards for trophies —— not the four legged kind

Linda Bonicelli

Of course, YES!

Hilary Morrison

Why do you continue to ask such obvious questions? Receiving money from FB? Funds from advertising? Just quit or do something to help the environment or animals you publicize dead. Shame on you.

Siobhan Ainslie

Yes it should and anyone found guilty of committing this barbaric act should automatically receive a prison

Barry Frederick Baudains

Obviously Yes.

Marianne Thorsdatter Måsvær


Juanita Cunningham

Yes absolutely..

Maria Antwerp Belgium

killing for fun is immoral, disgusting, despicable

Michele Jankelow

Savage, primitive, blood thirsty, entitlement for the ego-centric and arrogant, colonial horrors!

Lindsay Leclair

Yes their endangered

Thekla Bashore


Michael Lucero