POLL: Should bird hunting in Cyprus be banned?

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is a stopping place for hundredes of millions of migrant birds moving between Africa, Europe and Western Asia each year. 300 different species use Cyprus as a stepping stone during their difficult and very tiring flights across the Mediterranean.

Illegal shooting and trapping of birds ( with lime sticks and netting) is a persistent problem in Cyprus. The number of birds trapped each year has increased since 2007, and has remained very high for the last seven years.

The main victims of the lime sticks are Warblers, Thrushes; but also Cuckoos, Owls, Shrikes, Bee-eaters and other protected birds are also caught. 750,000 birds are shot illegally each year in Cyprus. The bird is specifically targeted illegally and is sold on as a delicacy known in Cyprus as Ambelopoulia.

Cyprus Bird Trapping –

Over 150 different species are effected each year, 78 of these are members of . is considered a pass-time, adventure or sport and hunters are ready to shoot at anything that moves. We have to respect the animals rights to live in this world.

Bird trapping has been banned on the island, but continue to break the law. The prosecution of the law is not strict enough, therefore let’s act now to stop this mindless massasre by demanding an end to in Cyprus.

We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST a complete ban on bird hunting in Cyprus. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should bird hunting in Cyprus be banned?

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Demand an End to Bird Hunting in Cyprus

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This article was written by Venetia Zannetis for ThePetitionSite.com


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Matt Smith

Please sign and share. Hunting should never be permitted on a natura 2000, IBA, Ramsar connected and Bottle neck site. Many European Bee-eaters, European Turtle Doves, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Skylark and waterfowl are killed here, in recent history Lesser Spotted Eagles, European Honey Buzzards, Red-footed Falcons and Short-Eared Owls have been shot on this peninsular. It is British Territory, and somehow despite being a sensitive area, hunting is allowed EVERY DAY, when everywhere else in Cyprus hunting is only permitted on Wednesdays and Sundays during hunting season! Please Sign and Share, your signature counts! Lets end this madness! It is… Read more »

Steve Weir

Stop this its so wrong and cruel

erlinda dillman
erlinda dillman

Please stop hunting,or killing animals, or birds for fun, or for commercial gain!

Colin Kollin
Colin Kollin

Shooting at birds is bad behaviour

Censor Mailer

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is nice to see a number of you interested in birds exercising your democratic right in voting for or against hunting in Cyprus. Lets though drop the hypocrisy, cultural imperialism and holier than though attitude and lets put things into perspective. What you are asked to do by this article, playing on your emotions, is not in the interest of the birds at all. In fact it creates a diversion away from the real causes and presents Cyprus as the main culprit for the bird reduction in Europe. Cyprus becomes in effect the scapegoat on which… Read more »

Martin Andrew
Martin Andrew

Didn't know Joe Donaldson had become a vegetarian.. And there's ole Sinn Badi tucking into his chicken and chips right now, lol

Joe Donaldson

believe u me i have seen lime sticks at cape greco in cyprus with up to 4 lesser whitethroats hanging each limestick and the bloke that was doing it was not bothered at me watching him, said he was rescuing them, he had a bag of dead warblers. The Cyprus Government should be ashamed of itself

David Whaley
David Whaley

We should have added that the problem also extends to the, British administered, Sovereign Base areas in Cyprus where there is still extensive netting and liming. David & Judy

David Whaley
David Whaley

We don’t believe this petition will achieve anything, nor do we believe that all hunting can or even should be banned.
Netting and liming, and shooting of most species, are already illegal but not controlled. Cyprus shooters would argue that hunting is allowed in UK and many other countries.
We would support a petition were it aimed at forcing the Cyprus Government to do a lot more to enforce the laws already in place. David Whaley & Judy dawes

Jonathan Osborne

A scandal to continue to allow this disgrace in the 21st century, Signed and shared.

Suzanne Kledzik Dunham

signed and shared