POLL: Should Diclofenac “the vulture killing drug” be banned?

Would you care if vultures were dying because of a man-made drug? Meet a man in Spain who really cares about vultures—so much so that he travels great distances and climbs rocks to feed them.

The majority of Europe’s vultures live in Spain, and these vultures are in danger of being decimated, following the country’s legalization in March 2013 of two products that contain the drug diclofenac, which is used as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller in cows and other livestock.

The drug is blamed for killing upwards of 99 percent of vultures in India in a single decade. Vultures play an important ecological role in disposing of dead animals.

And they die within a few days after eating the carcass of an animal recently given diclofenac.

EDITOR: Albert Blanch

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Should Diclofenac "the killing drug" be banned?

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