POLL: Should “Drive Hunt” Slaughter of Wildlife be Banned?

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Animal welfare groups in South Africa on Monday failed to prevent the opening of a week-long “driven hunt”, in which foreign hunters pay to shoot wildlife that is herded past them for easy dispatch.

More than 20 Belgian and Dutch hunters took part in the hunt on a farm near the town of Alldays, in the northern province of Limpopo.

Taking aim from purpose-built platforms overlooking a bush strip, hunters are able to shoot at hundreds of wild animals including baboons, warthogs and antelope as they pass.

In what is known as a “driven hunt”, the animals will be corralled into a two kilometre (1.2 mile) stretch of land close to the town of Alldays Photo: Alamy

Just two months after the global furore surrounding the slaughter of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, the hunt has rekindled controversy over the killing of wildlife for sport.

Cecil greets one of the lionesses in the Linkwasha Camp, within the Hwange National Park Photo: Brent Staplecamp

Such was the anger over the death of Cecil, who was being tracked by Oxford University as part of a research project, that the hunter – Walter Palmer, a dentist from Bloomington, Minnesota – was forced into hiding, emerging only this week to make a public statement.

The National Council of SPCAs, the South African animal welfare group, appealed for the driven hunt to be stopped.

The benevolent philanthropic foreigners bringing their dollars to the poor indigenous helping fund local economy and support conservation. All they want in return is to slaughter your wildlife.

Ainsley Hay, the group’s manager of wildlife protection, said that it was trying to obtain a warrant to prevent the hunt from the magistrates court in the town of Louis Trichardt.

“Our team is trying to get the warrant, but the hunters are there already and the shooting is about to start,” she said.

Ammondale Driven hunt: 83 humans stretching for 1Km chasing the innocent animals into a barrage of guns. The sound of gunfire was only a few minutes later. So sad and such disgusting treatment of wildlife. The arrogant owner of the hunt moved the killing to a part of the property that was not covered under the warrant that was issued to allow the NSPCA to monitor.

Later reports said 18 animals were killed on Monday.

She said an indigenous community in the area had claimed the land and was renting it out to “individuals” who were hosting the hunt as a way of earning income.

“They have built platforms that line the bush for the hunters to stand on and have employed locals to walk in a straight line beating metal drums to chase the animals into the slaughter strip.

Every hunt brings with it the chance to see a huge variety of wild African game and unforgettable views of the Limpopo wilderness. You’ll keep these memories for the rest of your life.

“The hunters then take pot shots at the animals. The animals have no chance of evading the onslaught and the hunters have no way of ensuring a clean shot or a humane death.

“From past hunts like these we have seen that much of the kill can’t be eaten or used as trophies because the dead animals are so full of bullets.”

The hunt, at Braam Farm outside Alldays, is due to last for one week. Hundreds of animals could be killed each day.

Hermann Meyeridricks, president of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa, said he did not have enough information about the hunt to comment.

“There is a media frenzy around hunting at present and we don’t know enough about this this kind of hunting, which has been going on for centuries in Europe.

“I have no mandate to investigate activities of citizens of this country.”

This article was first published by The Telegraph on 07 Sep 2015.

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28 thoughts to “POLL: Should “Drive Hunt” Slaughter of Wildlife be Banned?”

  1. Delbert Smith You can use that excuse till you drop over dead,it doesn't fly anymore as more and more animals become highly endangered.The only thing you zombies should be killing is each other!

  2. Even the people killing these animals hid from the cameras as word got out.They know they are wrong and so do we.This time it was the rich Europeans doing the killing,not the Americans.They are all guilty of deciding who should and shouldn't live in the wild and I think that job belongs to God,not some bored person wjth too much money and not enough brains!

  3. Killing so many already endangered, threatened species is beyond stupid. Worse than a waste just to satiate these CRETINS' "need" to MURDER life. Let them "hunt" with CAMERAS like civilized people and then may the best photographer win. This rediculous barbarity is long past its time to be ENDED.

  4. This is not hunting, it's a canned slaughter. These Belgian and Dutch idiots should be ashamed of themselves. They are not hunters, just mass slaughterers.

  5. As revolting as I find canned hunts like this, they may not be an entirely bad thing. I would assume this occurs on private land that if it were not used for hunts to generate income it might be used for agriculture or other commercial uses that have a much greater impact on wildlife than hunting would. In the US I have seen land reserved by the state for hunting which otherwise would be consumed by real estate developement, depriving animals of habitat which would condemn the wildlife with slow cruel deaths. On this land I would go wildlife viewing and photographing. The deer and hogs that were hunted were not threatened with extirpation as hunting was regulated to be sustained. The hunted animals were a keystone species that enabled the preservation of living space for untold numbers of birds, mammals, reptiles, and other species.

  6. You see that website and email listed above: Email them, tell them they are pigs, inhumane beings who seriously should be the ones that are coraled. They are greedy and kill wildlife for greed only! They do not care for the fact that a lot of these animals are wounded, die slow deaths if they get away, and you have a bunch of inbreds from Belgium and Holland who think this is a hunt when it is a slaughter, How do you call this hunting where you stand in one spot and shoot animals that have been coralled! Disgusting:
    email: [email protected]@.com go to website and facebook we need to let them know we are aware of what they are doing and we will try to make enough noise to shut them down! We can not do it, unless everyone who cares gets involved.

  7. I live in South Africa and so many of us were and still are utterly disgusted with what happened here. The first way to stop it is stop the money grabbing bunch. politicians and business people getting into all the get rich quick schemes. Culling sometimes has to be carried out due to overpopulation of a particular species but it is done by professionals not "heroes" with rifles or as I believe even bows and arrows. The OLD DAYS have long gone! Hunting for the pot, which will probably be one animal, is still done in certain areas, but then nothing is wasted and these people don't act like "Super Heroes". Hunting with a camera is naturally the way to go and I follow some good wildlife photographers. I am proudly South African and feel this is our shame!!!

  8. To me, seeing hunters, reading about hunting, only makes my imptression that these people are mentally ill people stronger. There's is NOT reason what so ever for killing anything besides for pleasure. And when we kill for pleasure, normally we put these people in prison. So my question is: Why are these blood thirsty people being treated differently then the rest of us? Are they more worth becuase they can pay for their killing? It's still not right or sane. It's actually more scary, that someone is planning a kill way in advance, and making payments for it. Money we all know, is not going where they should. There's NO need to lie or try to make excuses for that either, cause we know how little the local population benefits from this sickness. Nature will always take care of itself, so no need to try to make excuses for that either. Today, it does NOT make you more a man going hunting and stopping a beating heart. Maybe 100 years ago when we did't have a choice. Today, there's only excuses, and no real reason for killing animals. Today, stand up for the voiceless, fight their cause, stop earing fur and think about what you eat, that a MAN in today's societry.

  9. Nature has taken care of itself for millions of years, and it's still capapbale to do it's own work without any meddling from us humans. It's when we start interfering, things gets out of control. As soon as we can admit this to ourselves and stop making excuses for our actions, then we're making progress.

  10. This is just another reason why a new course called COMPASSION needs to be introduced into the schools. Teach children when they are young to respect others and have compassion.

  11. This is barbaric. So cruel. Lining up innocent animals like ducks on a shooting range to slaughter. Where is the fun in that? Shame on all people involved in this cruel, shameful slaughter.

  12. What a shameful and barbaric way people are behaving in, have they no compassion. It seems to be a lust for blood, kill always being the way. Poor animals they have no defence no where to hide…such cruelty and suffering should never be allowed……….

  13. Over populations is just one reason to hunt. Any given amount of land can only humanlysupprt a certain number of each type of animal. once that animal population is reached then diesease and starvation happens.

  14. Over populations is just one reason to hunt. Any given amount of land can only humanlysupprt a certain number of each type of animal. once that animal population is reached then diesease and starvation happens.

  15. Nice for Adrian to give us his address: I do hope everybody will drop him a line telling him exactly what a sick excuse for a human being he is and wishing him a long, slow, agonising death after being impaled on the horn of some animal he has been trying to kill.

  16. Truly people are absolutely evil! How deplorable a species are we? I cannot believe that anyone would condone such abject savagery. Can one begin to imagine the fear, pain and horror that these animals endure! Posing with the horror of it all adds to the revulsion!

  17. The ONLY type of hunting allowed should be with a Camera. Killing of animals in this way is cruel, – the noise distresses the animals and they are panicked. The foreigners who have been invited to this type of hunting are hood-winked into where their money is being spent and what becomes of the animals once they are shot. What a waste of Wildlife – certainly hope the trophies from this hunt stayed in Africa. ALL South African airlines should be banning the export of these types of trophies as the reputation of the country is in the same category as the American Dentist.

  18. Disgusting commercialism why cant people hunt with a camera – what is the point of killing except to satisfy selfish pervers thrill seekers who seem to think they are tough

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