POLL: Should fur farms be banned in Ireland?

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Wearing the skin of another animal – an animal forced to live in a cramped, filthy cage before having the hide ripped from his or her back – is a pretty gruesome fashion choice.

The only “statement” it makes is that the wearer has a total lack of regard for animals’ suffering.


A mink imprisoned on a fur farm in Ireland – Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Yet, globally, humans kill millions of animals a year in the name of fashion. In addition to foxes and minks, the fur industry’s victims include 1 billion rabbits and 2 million cats and dogs each year. These animals are sometimes skinned while they are still alive, and their hearts may continue beating for five to 10 minutes after their bloody bodies are tossed aside by fur farm workers. Other animals languish for days in traps or are gassed, beaten or electrocuted.

These farms are also hellish for the animals who are forced to live on them – crammed into tiny cages, denied the opportunity to follow their natural instincts and often left with untreated festering wounds. They’re likely to end their lives by being beaten, gassed, anally electrocuted and sometimes skinned alive.

Chinese fur farms have become notorious for their cruelty. But did you know that this barbaric practice is also happening much closer to home?

Fur farming is already illegal in the UK and many other countries, but Ireland has yet to outlaw this horrific industry.

We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST a ban on fur farms in Ireland. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should fur farms be banned in Ireland?

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Animals Are Hurting on Irish Fur Farms – Call for a Ban Now!

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Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Sandra Doyle

This really sickens me and actually makes me Ashamed to be irish !! Such Evil cruelty these Humans'' have to be sick and Pure Evil !!!

Lynda Howarth

Dam right fur belong on the animal not on some stupid womans back

Juanita Navarro

Fur is belong to animals not to us evil wear animals skin

Terry Malack

I hate what these fuckers do to fur animals. Bann whatever just stop this cruelty NOW!

Emma Keti

Is not normal to skin somebody alive r what ever and then wear deads body on ur self, eww and all is coming from Satan and his demons, all who do this horror do not follow Jesus and will end up in hell burning and be skinned alive every second for ever and ever. Think.., thats just horrible, i pray this sick humans who brutally kill and beat animals to death and skin them alive,etc.., to close the doors to satan and open to Jesus and save there souls. All this animals end up in heaven where they rest.., but… Read more »

Jose Manuel Quijano

I'm against animal cruelty "

Marie Van de Panne

Ban all kind of animal fur trading please! Thank

Julie McNally

Ban this barbaric animal cruelty now, no animal should suffer at the hands of humans!

Maria Dolores Paris

Please stop and end furtrading

San Die

ban the farms yes

Keith Jamieson

fur farming should be banned everywere.why on earth would anyone want to wear fur that has been cruely ripped off a living animal.shame on those who kill these animals for the fur and those who wear it.

Catherine Winters

Of course fur farming should be banned- humans are the most dangerous species on the planet!!

Dianne Lynn Hallman
Vicky Rako

You should be ashamed to call yourselves human if you can be so bloody selfish to take the life of an Animal for the sake of Fashion Karma is a Bitch and it will come for ALL of you who do this God sees EVERTHING

Leigh Lofgren

Oh my heavens – more and these must be stopped once and forever

Wai Ling  Liu

Please stop and ban fur trading thanks


Animal brutality has no place in this world!!

Jd Creager
Jd Creager

I think the people who dream up these polls should bite the bullet.. ASPCA and such just want your money for their executives.

Noushka Wildlife

We should then also ban chicken, rabbit and cattle farms… and also fish farms.
I don’t see it this way…
We should force these different farmers to farm properly, decently and with respect towards the animals… what ever it is they farm.