POLL: Should bear trafficking in Southeast Asia be stopped?

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The population of captive animals on “bear farms” in Laos has been increasing significantly in recent years, despite laws to protect the bears.

After mother bears and their cubs—both Asiatic black bears and sun bears—are captured, their bile and body parts are harvested for use in .

An organization called Free the Bears is trying to stem the crisis.

This was first published by National Geographic on 06 May 2016.

We invite you to share your opinion whether bear in Southeast Asia should be stopped? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should bear trafficking in Southeast Asia be stopped?

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Lisa Bailey

A counrty top in economy, technology and huge finance has also the most horrifc history of wicked, cruel animal abuse and torture ! As well as bear bile farming – which as others have said must surely be the most henious act of pain and suffering to inflict on any living thing – they also have thousand (more than in the wild) tigers in "farms" to breed to kill for parts ! How in godds name can this be allowed to be happening ? Leaders the world over know this criminal act is happening yet do nothing, why ? Chinese… Read more »

Beverley Wakeford-Brown

Of course it should be stopped. Anything so barbaric is totally inappropriate.

Rani Saha

It should be stopped immediately

Pia Kanaan

You can tell the civilisation of a country by the way their treat their animals. It is a damning relfection of our human species. It is abhorannt , the cruellest I have ever encountered in the last 50 years of my life. It has to stop. Humans have to become more concientious and responisble for the well being of our fellow life on Earth. Save these beauiful creatures. They dont deserve this treatment at our mercy.

Paul Marshall

Who are the 6 idiots who voted in favor of this bullshit?

Susannah Royle Lester

Farming bears for bile is the cruellest activity I have ever come across in the catalogue of horrendous suffering we inflict on our beautiful fellow creatures. There should be absolutely NO place for this in our global society. It is heinous in its abuse and suffering. I have given much money over the years to try and help WSPA's Libearty stop this outrage, and I feel so angry and sad that it is still continuing and growing in some countries. Thank you, Free the Bears for adding your energy and compassion to this incredibly worthwhile cause.

Olga Nycz Shirley

Bile bear trade requires ending now. More awareness raising of this issue in an educational way in the countries it's happening.

Leigh Lofgren

These people are horrific and their abuses continue and must be stopped. So what is being done to stop all this and more other than ask the question "should it be stopped?" Really?

Caroline Williams Abuan

Imagine yourself as a bear in that kind of farm, what would you feel?

Fenria Patheimathos

Asia needs to get with the times. This kind of arcane behavior is not acceptable anymore.

Eugene Rae

This is one of those times when I feel sorry that I won't live to see the end of human dominance of this planet. Where do we get the arrogance?

Linda French

The abuse of animals of almost all kinds, including cats and dogs continue to be explioted by "ancient Chinese Mediicne"….! Time to let the animals free and lock up the neanderthals (and this is being kind) behind this cruelty! I am deeply disappointed that in this day in age the Chinese and Asians continue to treat other living creatures so horribly!

Michele Jankelow

Of course it should be stopped sooner than later!!!


Without doubt !

Sarada Yadava

Stop animal-holocaust right now!

Kathleen Colley

The bear bile trade is absolutely horrendously cruel and needs to be stopped throughout South East Asia, and China. There are several agencies working on this and all of them need support and donations. The people of the world need to let these countries know that such abuse and torture of these beautiful animals is not humane or civilised, and will not be tolerated anywhere.


More importantly than “should it be stopped’, “”could it be stopped’,