POLL: Should Spain’s “Running of the Bulls” festival be banned?

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Five people were hurt, including one seriously, at ’s famed San Fermin running of the festival, which was also marred by five arrests over allegations of sexual assault, authorities said.

Those hurt fell as they were chased by six rampaging bulls on a two-and-a-half minute dash through the narrow streets of Pamplona on the second day of the city’s nine-day fiesta.

The summer festival is the most famous of many across Spain and attracts thousands of revellers from across the world.

A fallen runner gets trampled by a Ventorrillo fighting bull on the fourth day of the at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona July 10, 2008. (REUTERS / Joseba Etxaburu)

No-one was gored but a 56-year-old man was taken to hospital after fracturing his nose, hospital officials said.

Another man aged 66 suffered severe concussion while three others had minor injuries in a huge scrum of hundreds of people who joined the early-morning fray to see if they could outrun six bulls over 800 metres.

Organisers had warned participants beforehand “you can die” in a bull run, pointing to a death toll of “at least 16 since 1910”. The most recent fatality was in 2009.

On the same day police said they made five arrests after a woman said she had been sexually assaulted overnight, a police spokesman said.

The nationality of the suspects was not clear but a protest march against the assault was planned.

Ahead of the fiesta, a tradition dating back to medieval times, Pamplona city hall had launched a campaign urging a “safe” environment for women “without sexist aggression”.

This article was first published by abc.net.au on 07 Jul 2016.

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You might as well ban suicide. Live and let die. Be free! Don’t judge. Run with them or don’t. A bull running down a street full of people is like a cat running under a parked car when a group of kids ride their bikes down the street. Have you ever gone there? I have, but I didn’t run. The bulls are revered. Some people are stupid and run with them. There are whole blocks where there are no human runners at all. I can think of worse ways to go. Would you ban fishing in a pond, too? Isn’t… Read more »


YES!!! It’s a Barbaric, cruel & senseless act, why should a living creature be subjected to so much cruelty just to please inhumane people? It’s so wrong on every level!!!

Diana Vega

Yes it should be banned and the people that think it should carry on should be locked up, they are violent and have no place in a forward thinking planet.

Suzanne Kruger

YES!! Bann this is bullshit!!!

Carole Cowley

How can you have respect for a country that has no respect for the life of these bulls? It is utter torture to torment them in this way
The more people that get killed the better. At least they have a choice to partake. The bull doesn't!

Cheri Joseph

Absolutely it should be banned, never to returned! It's so sick and evil!

Evelyn Ball

There is something wrong with humans who think an innocent animal being abused, tortured and killed for a stupid tradition or culture is entertainment.

Amber Rose

It should be banned bull fighting is alot worse but they should just leave these poor creatures alone instead of tormenting them torturing them and making them disturbed and hate humans…

Linda Boldea

No animal should be tortured for people's entertainment, these must become practices that belong only to the past!

Béatrice Silvestre

Les taureaux doivent être respectés. Ce sont des êtres vivants ayant droit au respect à tous les égards. Qu'on leur laisse la paix, qu'on arrête de les torturer, de les tuer, de les exploiter. Nous vivons au 21eme siècle. Il est grand temps que certaines mentalités évoluent, qu'un grand nombre de personnes réfléchissent, prennent conscience de leurs actes cruels et barbares. Désolée, mais je ne ressens aucune compassion pour les personnes blessées ou tuées. Elles ont voulu jouer avec le feu, ben elles se sont brûlées !!!!

Bill Van Den Bosch

This sort of thing belongs in the past; stop harming animals for the fun of it; it is NOT fun. If people need a thrill that is fine but do not use some poor animal.
Bullfighting is horrible and cruel always has been 'stop it'

Elbe Astel


Melindi Charle

Yes to all the above.. ban all of it…

Ritva Juutilainen


Sašo Brumec

yes….yes….yes… years and years ago

Marie Jo Raey

ils n'y a pas assez de morts dans le monde pour fabriquer ds coutumes pareilles boycotté

Pia Knoll

Das muß sofort aufhören diese Quälerei, ist schon so lange fällig, wo leben wir denn, doch nicht im Mittelalter?

Kamal Kishore Srivastava

These games remind us about the barbarous period of the civilization and epitomize cruelty and ruthlessness. They should not be promoted in present days’ time. They ought to be closed down altogether.

Michele Jankelow

Truly if you participate expect to get hurt! Don't blame it on the bulls but peoples simple minded stupidity! How tragic that the bulls are subject to the screaming and horror of such an event compounded by the awaiting horrors of the bull ring!

Arlene Labbe

Testosterone poisoning causes this – men should be vaccinated to reduce it until they are out of that high-danger, thrill-seeking, raping, mode.

Kerry Levey

Bullfighting is one of the cruelest "sports" that a depraved human race has ever put into practice. I have no sympathy for the matadors who are injured or kill; neither for the moronic idiots who need to prove their manhood by "running with the bulls!"

My only concern is for the defenceless bulls who always get the worst end of these activities. Both "sports" need to be banned immediately! It is the only humane thing to do.

Max Hanna

It is so barbaric for these heartless bums to torture the Bull before killing them – I pray the horrible Bull Fighting will some day end – I hope everyone who is involved in Bull fighting will some day wake up and see how wrong it is and stop it!!

Judith Anne Aldrich

I agree that this is a barbaric form of 'entertainment' and belongs back in the Middle Ages along with bair baiting etc. Surely humanity has progressed enough to learn that brutalising defenceless (when pitched against our weaponry) animals in front of a braying audience demeans our species and should be ended by those who have right on their side.

Kathleen Colley

It is a disgusting, archaic activity. It has no place in the 21st century, it is savage and cruel and the people who indulge in this sort of voyeurism are seriously damaged. The Spanish government needs to outlaw all activities where Bulls (or other animals) are used as amusement for the gratification of morons, as it illustrates just how backward Spain is in this modern age.

Don Getty

As long as the bulls aren’t hurt I don’t have a problem with it. Any sane human concerned about themselves should stay away.

Gillian Miller

It is obvious that those that come onto this site support the prevention of such barbaric events. In fact, some places have stopped them and the Spanish government objected because they will not receive financial support from the EU. We need to target this because it is the best way to stop the bulls being hurt.

As Theresa says, the humans have a choice and, quite frankly, I wish more people were seriously hurt and/or killed as it would give a greater impetus to stopping this kind of event.

Theresa Kemp

I care nothing for those humans injured or killed during the bull runs or fights. They chose to participate and relish watching the suffering, injuring and death of the animals. The humans getting hurt themselves is a small amount of karma coming back at them.

The causing of fear, injury and death to these animals however, purely for the fun of these moronic humans is deplorable and barbaric and should be stopped immediately.

Monique Decortis

why do you list the inhumane idiots who got injured instead of mentioning the bulls that were subjected to terror and cruelty

Hilary Morrison

Should it be banned, yes of course, however men are so damn stupid to risk their lives for an adrenaline rush, pathetic.