POLL: Should the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Cove be stopped?

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The controversial six-month hunting season began on Monday in the infamous town of , but bad weather would delay any killing, a local official told AFP. The annual catch, in which people from the southwestern town corral hundreds of dolphins into a secluded bay and butcher them, was thrust into the global spotlight in 2009 when it became the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove.

“The dolphin hunting season started today and will last until the end of February,” said an official of the Taiji fisheries association, adding the season for hunting pilot whales, which also begins today, will last until April. But bad weather on Monday meant there would be no hunting on the day, he said.

Environmental campaigners are already in situ to watch the hunt, the official said. Last season, activists from international environmental group Sea Shepherd, who call themselves “Cove Guardians”, streamed live footage of the dolphin capture.

US ambassador to ‘deeply concerned’ about dolphin drive-hunting

Earlier this year, the slaughter sparked renewed global criticism after US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy tweeted her concern at the “inhumaneness” of the hunt. Defenders say it is a tradition and point out that the animals it targets are not endangered, a position echoed by the Japanese government.

They say Western objections are hypocritical and ignore the vastly larger number of cows, pigs and sheep butchered to satisfy demand elsewhere. But critics of the practice say there is insufficient demand for the animals’ meat, which in any case contains dangerous levels of mercury.

They say the hunt is only profitable because of the high prices live dolphins can fetch when sold to aquariums and dolphin shows. On Sunday around 30 people marched in Tokyo to protest the hunt, which they say sullies Japan’s reputation abroad.

We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST the stopping of the in Taiji Cove. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Cove be stopped?

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Jim Duke

Cruelty of the worst kind- hang your heads in shame. STOP THIS NOW

Jim Duke

Cruelty of the worst kind- hang your heads in shame. STOP THIS NOW

Mridula Dua

Don't accept any Japanese products

Peggy-Sue E Cayer

Trolls voted no that is who voted no

Peggy-Sue E Cayer

The world is watching and in horror , this must end and is Japan's shame

Dora Stanculescu

Dolphins are called "Sea Angels",how could they be killed this way ? Please,stop !!!

Lee Swain D'Auria

please stop this sickenig pratice

Autumn Rainwater

#BOYCOTTJAPAN boycott Japanese products until this stops.

Amanda Newman

Sad to say that the WWF ( World Wildlife Fund ) is in association with sea world: https://l.facebook.com/l.php… An organisation that is documented as employing Iki Island fishermen to drive dolphins and false whales into shallow water to select the beautiful few in order to procure them for their shows! As we know this practise is still being employed in Taiji. WWF should not have anything to do with, natural Sea World – they should be making it clear that they will not except any donations from this unethical money making enterprise and they should be fighting for the freedom… Read more »

Gallopingfree Normandy

Isn't there a way to play warning sounds ( dolphin sounds ) to dolphins so loud they come nowhere near the hunt

Mary Boorman

There truly isn't much else going on right now that makes me feel so livid and irrate and sickened than the savage brutality taking place in Taiji Cove, Japan and in the Faroe Islands. THese peoples must be taught an important lesson as it seems they refuse to heed the pleas of sane humane global citizens. We may to beat it into them. Seriously … these cultures are backward and literally dispassionate. The world must standup for dolphins and whales and boycott these nations and put embargoes in place. STOP WHALE AND DOLPHIN HUNTING AND SLAUGHTERS IMMEDIATELY. JOIN SEA SHEPHERD… Read more »

Deb Dicker

what a crock that these mamals are not endangered.. as long as the Taiji fishermen are hunting and traping and killing them, Id say thats pretty endangered! This slaughter of whales, dolpins and sharks must stop..#theworldiswatching

Yam Yass

we used to have traditions, about killing people and sacrifices …. we had to stop them because when a tradition is cruel it must be stopped ! We are not living in the past anymore and a bad tradition has no place in the 21th century!!! i agree the industry of meat is really cruel, those people (on island like faroe and japan dont need whales meat anymore, they have supermarket and all delivery they need. the industry of meat (cow sheep and thing is there in their supermarket and it is enough to feed everyone, no need to kill… Read more »

Laurence Lavagne

those type of retarted practice NEED to be stopped. There is no poll to be contucted or question asked, it has to be banned that is it.

Mina Morghoul

Thats not Tradition.. Is is all about Money!

Pat McGaw

They are arrogant pricks that don't care for animals, they are evil, brutal Neanderthals ,they will kill any animal that they want to , hate that part of the world, need a huge Tsunami to wipe them all out forever

Roelie Hut-Tel

Yes stop this cruwelty now

Holly Locke

This is evil in the worst way. Stop now

Denise Goyers-tibodo


Denise Goyers-tibodo


Denise Goyers-tibodo

I signed the petition as each year to stop this stupid action !!

Gabriella Micallef-Trigona

stop Stop Stop STOP the slaughter immediately.

TheLois Lane

How can they kill whole pods, whole families in a bloodbath and be able to sleep at night. Male, female, kids having their spinal cords severed, how is that not a crime.

TheLois Lane

How can they kill whole pods, whole families in a bloodbath and be able to sleep at night. Male, female, kids having their spinal cords severed, how is that not a crime.

Jean Homsy

30 people demonstrated in Tokyo. The population of Japan is 140 million. Disappoining that so few people voted against a cruel slaughter of beautiful mammals. I guess money talks. it has to be stopped, anyone with a brain knows that

Tania Frank-Stappard

Why on earth do we need a poll to begin with?

Alisa Whelchel

Absolutely it must be stopped!!!!


Who are the brainless, uncompassionate, mindless bastards who voted no?

Ann Heizer

NO BRAINER! #KillTheDemand!!!

Alycia L Zeleny

End the killing of innocent dolphins that hurt no one !!

Michael Shapiro


Nelly van Beek

What a stupid question, of course it has to stop. It should have never happend. Why should we allow brainless, heartless idiots to kill harmless, innocent animals who saved people's life. Olso people who allow this massmurder (like government, ministers) are quilty. STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!

LaNell Haydon

This needs to end.

Nicolas Noel Patrick Prusinski

Stop this!!!!

Jenny Bier

Another travesty..sick, souless humans slaughtereing intelligent other live forms..we must help stop this…how come these mindless humans have taken power this way..? We must take it back and end this butchery

Tom Tollefson
Tom Tollefson

Stop it now!

Walt Thompson
Walt Thompson

May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.

Mark McCandlish

Yes, Ellen I think you are correct. He has thrown barbs at nearly all my other posts… I should have realized. Based on my work in the mental health field, where negative behavior of clients was to be discouraged, ignoring them or "extinction" as it was called- seemed to work better than any form of reprisal or punishment. As with Magnus, it appeared to be attention seeking behavior, and thus the term "extinction" is appropriate in his case too!

Deirdre Callan
Deirdre Callan

Magnus, stop trolling and go away. If you do not like what is said here, don't read it. Go away!!!

Madeleine Fisher Kern
Madeleine Fisher Kern

This is an atrocity that equates with the holocaust, the human slaughter accomplished by madmen. I am sick to death with all humanity – those who perpetuate this mass killing and abduction for human exploitation and those who allow it to happen.

Linda Shaka Troung
Linda Shaka Troung

Simply inhumane, cruel, selfish and greedy! It's not only Taiji. Faroe-Demark, Iceland, Greenland, Canada-Inuits

Gilli Sleigh

Magnus Petersson, it most certainly does matter that pigs and other farm animals, and elephants, and rhinos, tigers and lions are being needlessly, brutally murdered. We are fighting for ALL of them. And as as for if they are threatened or not, I presume you mean by extinction, and not terror and murder on an individual bases and of whole families and friends. The extinction of species of known large animals is in our hands but as such, it only really matters to US anyway, other animals aren't really able to be aware of the threat to their actual species… Read more »

Buenos Dias Matthias
Buenos Dias Matthias

Linda Shaka Troung True!

Linda Shaka Troung
Linda Shaka Troung

Buenos Dias Matthias…. Don't mind Magnus Peterssen… Knowing there's dangerous levels of mercury present in whales and dolphins. Maybe the mercury has already reached his thinking? By looking at his profile picture.. he needs to eat more veggies Aloha!!!

Linda Shaka Troung
Linda Shaka Troung

Oh Magnus.. Magnus! To justify the killings of these whales with the fact that millions of other animals are slaughtered elsewhere, and that its part of your culture is just bullshit. I think most people here are against the sick meat industry as well and protest against it in different ways. The Faroe people needs to decide between Tradition or Tourism.

Buenos Dias Matthias
Buenos Dias Matthias

Linda Shaka Troung True! Most People are against the whole meat industry. Magnus simply cannot justify one evil action with another.
It is just a completely crappy point to say they are nowhere near threatened….The problem is that already the decline of these aniamls contributes to great suffer of the oceans. Same is valid for shark cull for instance.
Moreover, they are not only killed but also used for demonstration material in zoos an aqcuariums arounf the world.

Wake up Magnus! We need to stop to kiss the meat industry's ass!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Webb

God yes. Stop this horrific hunt. It is so wrong.

Ellen Walsh
Ellen Walsh

Magnus Petersson is a known troll and sea shepherd hater. Disregard him please.

Linda Shaka Troung
Linda Shaka Troung

It is utterly shameful and wrong

Linda Shaka Troung
Linda Shaka Troung

Magnus Petersson. You are a freak… Negative …. For many dolphins and whales, it can take up to ten minutes to finally escape the horror, as they writhe around, desperately trying to get away. The horror of lying on your side, out of the water, having trouble breathing, hearing your pod-mates as they're slaughtered. Unbelievable… Soul less fools!