POLL: Should the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Cove be stopped?

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On Friday, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said a pod of more than 250 dolphins including babies, juveniles and a rare albino calf had been driven into a cove in , south-east . Taiji is renowned for its dolphin-hunting traditions, shooting to prominence after the release of the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary The Cove. The town is in the middle of its traditional dolphin-hunting season, which runs between September and April.

US ambassador to Japan ‘deeply concerned’ about dolphin drive-hunting

The US ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, has expressed deep concern about the Japanese tradition of “drive-hunting” dolphins just days after scores of creatures were rounded up for slaughter in a town infamous for culling the mammals.

“Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing,” Kennedy tweeted, adding that the US government “opposes drive hunt fisheries.”

Sea Shepherd activists said the cull continued over the weekend, as dolphin families were separated so they could be individually assessed as worth for captivity or slaughter. Fifteen dolphins were taken on Sunday from the cove via sling and transferred to the Taiji harbour sea pens and several captive facilities in Taiji, the group said on its Facebook page.

“We expect that most of the pod will be slaughtered and some too small to claim for quota will be driven back out to sea to fend for themselves,” they said.

We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST the stopping of the in Taiji Cove. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji Cove be stopped?

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Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Tami Luschinski

Japan you are barbaric, inhumane,disgusting and evil beyond words. I have despised many people in my life but you have got to be the most disgusting sub humans I have ever seen in my life!!! Karma will kill your nation in a big way and I will have no mercy. Disgrace to the world.

Cat Vade Bon Coeur

Of course it should be stopped. Duh!

Sally Sutter

Appaling ..needs to stop…crime against ..humanity

Kirstie Aldam

Just horrific don't you think we eat enough animals on land. Now you take more out the sea than the ones that get fished out already. Why can't you just leave the bigger ones alone be happy with what you got.

Karin Munkholm


Elaine Collins-Walls

Mark McCandlish I would join you.

Ted Roe

There is no reason to try and equivocate this with the West meat industry. Its bad too… and this barbarism has no purpose, there is no real market for dolphin meat, it isn't safe to eat… same goes for whales and the Japanese involved in all of this know it. This is not a traditional fishery, it is justified by selling dolphins for shows and killing the rest… It should stop now, stop today and then we need to get after the rest of the negativity towards dolphins and cetaceans, while continuing to focus on the rest of the meat… Read more »

Karen Kaz Harris


Bodensee Dolphin-Kids
Bodensee Dolphin-Kids

Please STOP it. Do whalewatching or dolphin watching tours instead. The earlier you start the better for you because this business with killing and catching dolphins will come to an end sooner or later!

Leslie Karpisek

What is taking so long to stop this vicious act? Please God help us all stop these terrible murders. I don't understand, with all the evidence, why this act has not stopped? Please God help us!!! This has to stop and stop now. Not one more dolphin needs to die, not 1 more

Suzanne Tegroen

these dolphins have more of a conscience and empathy then these bastards have in there little dick ! It is really said they have no clue of what it means fr love of any thing thing other then them selves !! i think these men are demons dressed as men !! its really sad these men are so closed to these animals but so closed minded to these animals intelligence

Terri Bourus

Barbaric. For corporate profit only….

Adriana Prado

Yes !! And the one going on on the Faroe islands as well !!

Maria De Martinis

This is unacceptable!!! I c annot believe what this country is doing to these precious animals!! SHAME ON THEM!!! So cruel and inhumane!!! This needs to stop or many, many other countries are going to boycott and SPREAD THE WORD NEVER, EVER TO VISIT THIS COUNTRY EVER!!! HOW DO THEY GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!!! DISGUSTING!!!

Darlene Degani

This is barbaric! These men aren't "fishermen" they are "SLAUGHTER MEN". These Dolphins are being pulled from international waters into Taiji's Death Cove. DOLPHINS BELONG TO THE WORLD, NOT TO 40 – 50 SLAUGHTERMEN IN TAIJI… Stop this!!!

Celia Lynch Turner

Desperately upsetting.

Swati Kumar
Swati Kumar

Shame on you Japan! You are still in the dark ages with a apathetic mind. That is why god creates disaster


Stoppen !!!! Schandalig gewoon dat dit mag in dat!!!! Stelletje mongolen daarom. ..moet echt stoppen dit kan echt niet!!!!

Marianne Dalhuisen

It's too cruel to be true!! This HAS TO STOP!! Tradition? F… this tradition! It's horror and must stop!!! Now!!! Every day is one too much!!

Lisa Kasprzycki

DUH. OFCOURSE THIS SHOULD HAVE STOPPED AGES AGO. ugh human beings !?!?!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stop it now. i also wish it were within my power to send the dummies running for their lives. good grief.

Curtis Scott Somirs

Please stop this senseless killing of these beautiful smart creatures of the 7 seas

Kristina Jensen

A sharme!

Lyudmila Shmargai

Soul hurts, cannot to look at this atrocity . Japane STOP to kill dolphins!!!

Dianne Keaton

Stop it now . I am very unhappy with what is going on in our world people just don't care anymore what they are doing soon there will be no animals in the wild .

Lynn Topliffe

Yes yes yes cruel inhumane they could earn a libing by conserving and showing dolphins in their iwn habitat free as they erre born

Schäfer Lefevre Christiane

Stopp!!! Taiji its the Katastrophe….

Christa Pardeller

PLEASE HELP TO STOP THE DOLPHIN-SLAUGHTER IN TAIJI!!! Please forbid to kill the dolphins urgently!!! Forbid to kill animals. Do not mistreat animals. Do not be cruel, Do not kill. This is Law and Order of God. Do not kill animals. God sees everything. Obey God. Do not be cruel to animals and do not kill animals. Animals are living creatures! Forbid to kill the dolphins urgently!!! Vegan all (without “animal products”).

Maggie Jahn

Thank You to the band The Rolling Stones for canceling Japan from you're upcoming tour to support these voiceless dolphins.
I believe the news said these hunts keep going on every day all the way into March. Everyone keep fighting for these precious, loving, dolphins and whales too!!!!!!!

Maggie Jahn

My heart is bleeding right along with these dolphins. The tears won't stop gushing for them. Human's have gone mad around the globe. May Karma treat all abusive, violent, people & give them back exactly what they are giving out. These atrocities need to end, it's a horrific Holocaust on all animals~factory farmed animals, vivisection victims, fur farms, foie gras, shark finning, trapping, hunting, snares, skinning, boiling, fishing, premarin, bear bile, snake reproductive organs tea, god (& I don't think there is one) it's endless. As far as traditions go, our early Native Americans only took from the Earth what… Read more »

Tom Wernick

Protect ~ Mother ~ Earth !

Protect ~ Mother ~ Nature !

Boycott Any Nation or Company That Doesn't !

Elizabeth Rickman

I'm with you Mark! I think it is traggic that Japan has no compassion for the intelligent , gentle creatures of the sea. They see everything as food and theirs. The dolphins had the unfortunate fate to be in the sea that Japan thinks they own. Man does not own the sea or the creatures in in, or the animals on the planet. However, man has perfected killing and greed without connection or consequences. If celebrities came forward to object to the killings, it would probably stop it. This is a sad state of affairs too, when someone who is… Read more »

Francine Frankie Le Cheminant

So cruel! Just cause there's no law don't make it right! They have no soul!

Michele Jankelow

What is taking place in Taiji and Iwate right now is beyond barbaric, cruel, savage and devastating! The hunt for greed has exceeded all moral values, common decency and sense! There will be no peace EVER for these fishermen until the day they die! The ocean cannot take much more of the onslaught that the human race is imposing on it! Where is decency, where is respect, where is honor? What horrified me was a Japanese vet from Taiji who spoke on TV and made out that it didn't matter even if they are intelligent beings. Sir, the area in… Read more »

Eugenie Kapp

I don't know how the kidnappers and killers can live with themselves! How can it possibly still be legal? It would have been stopped decades ago if it was human families, these dolphins deserve the same right to life, freedom and their families, sometimes more than peoplle do! I agree nobody should support Japan in any way until this barbaric cruelty ends!

John Pritchard

In the 21st century, these types of cruel & barbaric `culture' or festivals must be let go. It really gives people a bad impression of Japan especially when Japan govt officials refuse to budge on this sensitive issue. They have underestimated how much people love dolphins. To them dolphins are a source of income from sale to places like SeaWorld, but to people who have grown up with Flipper, this is horrendous and fit to condemn! British ambassador has joined Caroline Kennedy to condemn this! Season started 1 September 2013 and continues to 31 March 2014. So we have many… Read more »

Lorraine Harman

The world needs to boycott products from Japan – that would make the bastards stop !!!

Alo Marlena

this is a fiasco to the taiji fishermen and greed that keeps them being unrelentful. please save our dolphins – they are no threat to us. If anything, humans (taiji fishermen) are a threat!

Lyn Cowper Pollard

Stanton McCandlish : They probably have no compunctions about selling for others to eat, though…

Judy Bauth Bradshaw

Are you kidding me? Why would anyone ask about the horror ?

Melanie Cooper

this needs to stop!!!! what can we do to stop this

John Anthony


Emmelyn Jane Lamet

Who ever the 1% is in the voting poll is just as disgusting a human as the assholes doing this vile act. It should not even have to be for vote or public opinion because it is a barbarik act by human. We are an appauling race!

Emmelyn Jane Lamet

Who ever the 1% is in the voting poll is just as disgusting a human as the assholes doing this vile act. It should not even have to be for vote or public opinion because it is a barbarik act by human. We are an appauling race!

Cherie Ann
Cherie Ann

Pat Brett Hodge and the rest of the civilised human race

Lucia Faith Pagliarone
Lucia Faith Pagliarone

Get this stopped!!! Disgrace!

Tara Hunt
Tara Hunt

something has 2 be done 2 stop all this slaughter, its just sickening! :'(

Paula Morgan
Paula Morgan

Of course the slaughter should be stopped. It's cruel, barbaric and is driven by human greed.


insatiable greed and hunger for money

Matthew McLean

Who the hell said 'No' in the poll? You heartless bastards……….

Scott Wrightson
Scott Wrightson

The Eco system in which they live in survived and flourished for god knows how many years until us humans interfered with it.