POLL: Should the EU ban the import of lion hunt trophies?

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France has banned the import of heads, paws and skins as hunters’ trophies, nearly four months after the of Zimbabwe’s most famous lion by an American trophy hunter sparked international outrage.

In a letter to the actor and animals rights activist Brigitte Bardot, France’s environment minister, Ségolène Royal, said that she had instructed officials to stop issuing permits for lion trophies and was considering stricter controls on trophies from other species.

“Following your letter and recent visits in Africa in preparation of the climate summit in Paris, I want to let you know I have given orders to my services to stop delivering certificates for importing lion trophies,” Royal wrote in the letter dated 12 November.

A lion skin as a trophy from a hunt in Namibia. Photograph: Ton Koene/Alamy

“Concerning other species trophies, I am in favour of a much stronger control for hunting trophies and this issue will be discussed with all the countries concerned and with the EU.”

In July, conservationists and MEPs called for an EU-wide ban on the import of lion trophies following the death of Cecil the lion at the hands of a Minnesotan dentist near one of Zimbabwe’s national parks. France is the first EU state to implement such a ban. In March, Australia also banned their import.

Between 2010 and the 2013, the last year for which data is available, more than 100 such lion trophies were imported to France.

Lionaid, a UK-based charity that is calling for the UK to follow suit with a ban on lion trophy imports, said it was “overjoyed” by the move.

A spokeswoman said: “Within the EU, France was a major importer of such trophies and we expect that wild lions will now find themselves safer without the presence of French trophy hunters.

“We trust that France’s decision will create a domino effect within the EU and that we will soon hear about other member states joining together to say no [to trophies].”

Catherine Bearder, a Liberal Democrat MEP who led calls for a ban in the summer, said was “delighted” by France’s decision and the UK should follow its lead.

The EU’s scientific review group, which decides whether or not to blacklist trophy imports based on the sustainability of species, met in September and approved the continued import of lion trophies from Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique.

Last month, scientists warned that lion numbers in central and western Africa are likely to halve in the next two decades due to loss of habitat and prey.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 19 Nov 2015.

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Delbert Smith

There is no corruption and certainly no sadism invovled. Again I simply proved with an added value to animals it benefits the speice as a whole.

Delbert Smith

Scientists Tell U.S.FWS African Lion Is Not Endangered Washington, DC – Today, experts on the status of the African lion explained to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) that the African lion is not on the brink of extinction. Their testimony contradicts the claims in a petition filed by several anti-rights groups asking the service to list the African lion as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) participated in an exclusive workshop hosted by the FWS. SCI Foundation Conservation Chair Dr. Al Maki outlined current conservation efforts across the lion’s range and… Read more »

Delbert Smith

To my friends , and enemys. Please read this….It needs to be said….I hope with all my heart that I do not see very few of these in my future. I'm glad I am as old as I am and have had the opportunity to hunt many of them. i To think If I were younger and could not hunt the" LION". The hunter provides the money to support the animals. I have watched the fight for lion hunting become so adverse, the name calling, the holy that tho' attitude between hunters and anti-hunter’s, the pro and con for hunting… Read more »

Luke Ahern


Delbert Smith

Kathy Foster Joanne White, it is obvious you do not have the common sense to see what works for wildlife. It is nt bunny huggers, it is hunters that put their money to work. YOu have no idea how much money from the lion supported local families on the ranches. Again you put your money to work and let us see that.
Hnting and providing meat for the table is normal. Kathy I have traveled to world at my own expense to do the right thing. I stand by everything I have done!

Jan Glover

99% of people say "yes" – that is overwhelming and shows that people are beginning to wake up to the fact that killing is not 'conservation'.

Kathy Foster

Delbert Smith Is English not your first language?

Kathy Foster

Joanne White I love the fact that he says "you dont need no stinking college" – a double negative that actually says he does which is proven by his ignorant posts and his empty debate.

Joanne White

Well said Tierra.

Kathy Foster

Delbert Smith so you're a coward that supports canned hunting.

Joanne White

It's you that has no place on earth. You are nothing but a serial killer and if some countries in Africa are still selling out to such as you to satisfy your murderous desires then the decent, normal folk amoungst us must do what we can to stop your type dragging your carcasses and reminders of how excited you were to murder something out of the continent. You are indeed a coward, a very sick one..otherwise take a lion on bare handed, get someone to post the video on Facebook and lets all enjoy it.

Joanne White

You would not dare say boo to a goose if it was in a position to fight back..never mind a lion.

Joanne White

You are sick and looking for excuses to keep on murdering..you are indeed also a coward.

Joanne White

Delbert Smith Lucia lives in Africa. She speaks from experience. You on the other hand, do not.

Sue Jarrett

Of course ban trophy hunting – it's sick, obscene, cruel & barbaric

Sue Jarrett

Of course ban trophy hunting – it's sick, obscene, cruel & barbaric

Delbert Smith

Wrong as purple rain, more wildlife in RSA now than 5 years ago, same for elk and whitetail deer in the USA and geese in north America, Facts not you fiction!

Delbert Smith

Wrong again, it protect the wild lions, I hunted my lion and thats what it was raised for. I could have hunted a lion in several countries, but hunting a wild lion was not on my list. I can assure the so called canned hunt is far more dangerous, as those lions are ot afraid of human and will attack a human quicker.

Wild lions prides are not destroyed for the cubs, again you need knwodleg and not lies.

Delbert Smith

Without hunting supporting the wildlife, the animals have no place on earth. You bunny huggers have contributed nothing for the survival. I spent 20,000 USD to support the animals . What have you done? Nothing you ran your mouth whinning like a baby.

One of you idiots said hunting is for cowards. OK call me names. I have military records for bravery under battle. I assure you a coward I am not.

Vicki Kellermann- Russell

There are absolutely no reasons for this type of "SPORT"

Florin Roata

Stop the hunting!!!

Haike Abraham

no hunting! no trophies! Hunting is for cowards

Simon North

it's a no brainer!

Elly Schipper

Animals will to be alive!

Tierra Chapman

Trophy hunters will not be satisfied until our one shared Earth is as ugly and devoid of beauty as they are inside. These spiritually impoverished sadists should not be allowed to commit these crimes against Nature, which in essence, are crimes against all beings! Animals lives are not ours to take. Period. Our species is long overdue to come out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st century with our thinking AND our treatment of non-human beings, including the world's wildlife. Time to throw away the weapons and shoot them with cameras – photography contests would be a win-win… Read more »

Helen Hunt

Import's of trophy hunt kills need to be banned. This type of slaughter is done for kicks and ego. We need to end trophy hunting.

Lucia Smith

Due to the corruption, unsustainability and illegal practices in almost very African country, all trophy imports from Africa should be banned. It has been proven many times over that canned lion hunting/captive bred lion hunting does not save or contribute in anyway to protecting wild lion populations. In fact wild lion prides are shot in order to steal cubs to enhance the captive bred gene pool. Due to the lack of political will in African countries and the general apathy towards conserving wildlife, the EU should unilaterally ban all imports of both trophies and other wildlife products.


Of course, the import of lion hunt trophies should be banned.

Peter Deelen

The monsters who want this on the floor are the devils on earth !!!!!!

Linda French

Ban! Of course – if you want any lions left in the wild. Any one that hunts wildlife especially those in such decline should be shunned, they are people who have no compassion for life! Do us a favour and stop them.

Melody Lee-Gattenby

Lion Trophy hunting is not 'sustainable'. This has been proven by the catastrophic decline in lion population numbers across Africa. ALL scientific evidence supports a comprehensive ban.
Trophy hunting of any species is socially deplorable and as such should not be acceptable in any form.

Nina Stavlund

ALL countries on this planet should ban throphies. It's a shame it has not been banned already. The penalty for trying to smuggle any should be along side drugs!

Ellen Ewers

So true…

Ellen Ewers

So true…


….And EU Should Ban all import of…all… hunt Trophies…. NOW!!!!


Yes yes yes of course EU should Ban all import of Lion Hunt trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellen Ewers

God gave us this World and gave life to all, people and animal's. Not for fun, not for profit, not for sport, only for respect, care and love. Ban hunting now please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellen Ewers

Yes, Ban all hunting of wild animal's. Animal's belong's them self, the place the are born, all people on this World….not only to profit and hunting fo fun and for sport

Alli Shenton

Yes, ban hunting of predators but the EU and UNESCO need to support conservation in areas that are not viable for photographic tourism. These Game Management Areas which are currently mostly hunting concessions will need alternative funding for anti poaching patrols, community benefits etc if hunting is minimized. Conserving Africas wildlife cannot be the financial burden of poor African nations alone, wildlife is the world's heritage and it needs massive finding and community involvement if we are to protect wildlife and its habitat.

Joanne White

The import of all wildlife "trophies" should be banned. Appalling practice that does not benefit anything but corruption and sadism.


That’s a rhetorical question.