POLL: Should the European Union squirrel cull be stopped?

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Politicians from the European Union have introduced a new law obliging the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy to organise the of hundreds of thousands of grey squirrels, every year from 2016, using methods that include , bludgeoning to death or and shooting.

This horrid and inhumane “programme” is to be sponsored from the money of taxpayers from all EU countries.

Killing squirrels is to be conducted even in the time of year when females nurse their dependent kittens. Killing thousands of nursing females will cause tens of thousands of baby squirrels starve to death over several days. Starving animals is a torture in breach of animal welfare standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health.

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As with the badger cull there is no logic in the and the only beneficiaries of such “programs” are people in the commercial business of killing wild animals.Representatives of animal welfare organisations, like Mimi Bekhechi (director of PETA UK) and Andrew Tyler (director of Animal Aid), have stated many times that killing grey squirrels is an inhumane, ecologically and socially damaging practice, and is an absolutely pointless waged against beautiful animals.

Please sign this petition to tell the politicians from the European Union to stop financing the killing of grey squirrels from the money of taxpayers of all EU countries

Animal rights activists also draw attention to the fact that although scientific research has dispelled myths about grey squirrels, those myths are still used and grey squirrels are being demonised by people and groups who benefit from killing wild animals, to “justify” the killing.

Rob Atkinson (the head of wildlife science at the RSPCA) condemned the killing of grey squirrels as pointless and ethically dubious. He rightly pointed out that until recently the problems alleged to be caused by grey squirrels were blamed on red squirrels who were then demonised to “justify” their killing.

Thank you for your valuable vote of support which helps save these beautiful creatures from cruel inhumane death.

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This article was first published by Dr Amelia Roberts, Jojo Huxster on the PetitionSite.com

We invite you to share your opinion whether the European Union squirrel cull should be stopped? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should the European Union squirrel cull be stopped?

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In the event that you voted to stop the European squirrel cull, please sign the petitition:

Stop the European Union squirrel cull

Thank you for your support.


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Barbara Henninger

Alan Young Breeding can be controlled. You don't have to kill them.

Alan Young

Don't our native red squirrels also have those same rights?

Alan Young

There may be 3000 invasive birds in UK (ring-necked parakeets) but there certainly are not over 3000 species! And to stop culling grey squirrels in UK, Ireland and Italy would condemn the Eurasian red squirrel to eventual worldwide extinction save for a few heavily protected reserves. Please don't let your prejudice obscure the scientific facts which are available in "the Eurasian Red Squirrel" by Stefan Bosch and Dr Peter Lurz.

Rosa Borisova

Can't believe that there are some idiots who voted "no"??? No wonder the world is so crippled. Good, compassionate, moral people, respectful of other species right to exist must fight back and never be silent. If we say nothing and do nothing we will be just as bad and will let EVIL thrive…as it has for the past century…. They are running out of absurd, lame excuses just to make easy profits instead of working like eryone else. Worthless, useles scum bags….

Bernice Hamer

Leave these beautiful animals alone,All they think about is culling it makes me sick,we live on a beautiful planet,with beautiful creatures that deserve their lives to.

Tim Walker

If common and scientific sense can't stop the Badger Cull in the UK then what hope for the Grey Squirrel? The latter is far more destructive to our native flora and fauna!

Carla Renders

shame on you ,it is sade and disgusting.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

manunkind wrote the book on invasive species and it is an autobiography 🙁

Jacqueline Underwood-Hall

Considering how many speicies in the world are considered 'invasive' , for example there are currently over 3,000 'invasive' birds in the UK (RSPB, 2015), then surely the answer cannot be culling – are we really going to kill everything that 'may' propose a threat to another speicies? If this is the case then we will never stop killing, least not forgotting the biggest threat to wildlife is man! Stop the cull!

Sonia H Jones

can't people leave anything alone!! The Greys are here because of humane stupidity , leave them alone!

Susan McCauley

this is insane … who are the persons making such rules?

Maria Manuela Lopes

Shame, sad and Disgusting

Patty Shenker

All culls should be stopped! #OurBloodyInhumanity

Josie Brendle

In my backyard the red and grey squirrel live fairly peaceably. But I understand that the Grey (invasive) is pushing the red to the brink in Europe. I’m glad I don’t have to make such decisions. 🙂

Caleb Scholtens

Please explain how there is no logic in the cull. Grey Squirrels are an invasive species in Europe and have a negative effect on many of their native species, especially the Red Squirrel. Even in North America their popular "pest" status is more accurate than that of crows and pigeons. This is very different from the badger cull because badgers are native species which is generally beneficial to their ecosystem.

Leigh Lofgren

more inhumane madness and does it ever end?

William petsanis

we should cull europeans

Anne Grice

Humans are never satisfied with any other lives on this planet as they seek to destroy without thinking and showing some intelligence!