POLL: Should the export of baby elephants to China be stopped?

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has shipped 24 calves to China, in a move that has angered animal rights groups who described the export as “extremely cruel”.

“Some 24 elephants are en route to China as we speak after they were taken from their families in ,” Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the animal rights group Conservation Task Force told AFP.

Rodrigues claimed the calves were kept in cages at a secret location before being flown to China on Sunday night.

Wildlife authorities in Zimbabwe claim the country has too many elephants and that their sale raises funds for comnservation. Photograph: Edward Simmons/Australian Associated Press

“The conditions in which these animals were exported are extremely cruel,” he said, “and we condemn the whole idea of separating baby elephants from their mothers.”

Zimbabwean wildlife authorities have defended the sale as a measure to raise funds for conservation. An elephant is estimated to fetch between $40,000 and $60,000.

In April, US-Canadian actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson petitioned the Zimbabwean government over the export of the animals to China. She said the forced separation would cause them emotional stress.

The government says Zimbabwe is home to 80,000 elephants but can cope with only 42,000.

Rodrigues said authorities had overestimated the numbers and urged the government to use alternative methods to control the population rather than resort to exports.

Zimbabwe is also battling high levels of , with 300 elephants killed last year in Hwange national park after poisoned watering holes.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 07 Jul 2015.

We invite you to share your opinion whether the export of baby elephants to China be stopped? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

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Rudolf Mühl

That should be a question

Michele Jankelow

Another human atrocity! Can one begin to conceive of the sadness and loss within the herds! China alone is one of the cruellest nations on earth! This to pay off Zimbabwe's ever growing debt to China!

Py Holmes

Yeah, ship the caIves to China. They are at the top of the Iist for treating animaIs humaneIy. This is a country that eats man's best friend!!! This is a death sentence for these caIves

Sujitra Rodted Murphy

I'm not going to say anything because people who are calling themselves a human being wouldn't dare voted 'NO'.

Mo Vincent

Yes I agree, No Animal, Should Be Sent to China, to Be Tortured, as That's What Happens There, as The world has seen :

Paula Ilona

Stop this terrible cruelty and abuse.

Sherron Davis

Elephants are like people, human babies need their mother's just as well as eelephant calves. These are very emotional intelligent beings, who DESPERSTLEY NEED THAT BOND WITH THE HERD. Taking these calves from the mother's is a devastating ordeal for all 24. Its just like your kidnappings human babies and sending them to a place that unfamiliarized to them. These calves will not cope with the ongoings of torture,torment and abuse they are enduring & will endure as they are kept from their families. Please stop all this madness cause of money situations. These are NOT CHINAS ANIMALS, THESE ARE… Read more »

Tsz Leung Kwong

dont send these beautiful animals to china because they have no respect for nature !

Martta-Liisa Harju

It should have neve been started.

Niloufer Engineer

China is a place where they eat anything that walks and have no feelings for other creatures. Please dont take them there to be tortured or even eaten. They need to be with their mothers

Candice Tharp

This must be stopped

William Norwood

The worst destination for anything on four legs is China. for a country to sell it`s assets like this is criminal

Marij Vannisselroij

Please no animals to China. This country is pure evil, those people are sick in the head.

Ute Christner

Schutz und Leben für diese wertvollen Tiere

Fey Fand

This is a disgrace and an indictment

Bonnie Ganguly

it has been written that one man can make a difference,why tell me cant millions for all animals.we are trying but not hard enough{ in my opinion}

Barbara OBrien

P.S that includes China

Barbara OBrien

this is terrible and cruel and it needs to be stopped this is animal abuse the U.S.government needs to stop trades with all Africa countries until this is stopped this goes for all africa animals they are not for sale you may own the land put this is not your farm, these awesome creatures that live in the wild and are not yours to torture and kill and sell off parts for money

Jay Garcia

Absolutely they have no appreciation for wild life no animal deserves to be beaten on the daily to perform unnatural tricks no matter what wild animal it is they all need their mother those babies from Zimbabwe never should have been sent there they are stressed im sure they are in an unfamiliar places without their family nothing about that is right at all

Diane Olsen

Man will not be happy until there are no more animals left on this planet…they will all be extinct for one reason or another…the majority because of greed…time to step back and see what we are doing…destroying everything living one day at a time!…

Leigh Lofgren

This must be stopped and these animals kept with their mothers and in their environment alive and free

Ian Perkie Perks

Their home is Africa and that's where they should remain .

Maureen Mojo Cesano

What freakin' idiots voted 'No'??? Just stupid, or did they not actually read the question?

Susan Frudd

Yes I agree with the other comments. No animals should be sent to China they have no compassion. The elephant calves should not have taken from their mother's it is a cruel and vile crime, shame on Zimbabwe and shame on the organisations that do not act beforehand to prevent these sort of terrible situations happening……….


I have commented on this before on the article a week ago. This will not stop until corruption stops in the area, and sending to China should be the last place on earth where elephants should be ripped apart from families and sent to the worse country in the world for animal abuse. STOP sending baby elephants anywhere!

Cindra Broenner

yes…let"s really do something about this here and now…and I wouldn"t send any thing to China…they are not the place to go visit…buy…sell or trade with…they should as a country should be blown up once and for all.

Caroline Mason

So what are we going to do about it? CITES must amend the 'appropriate & acceptable destination clause and more importantly suggest that CITES come into the digital era and have permit and reporting in real time. At the moment, permits and details of export destinations do not reach CITES until months after the export has happened! And there is not a hope in hell that the animals will be returned. We need action from NGOs to lobby on this.


bit late for that isn’t it? They are already being shipped.


Yes????!!! Why?