Aug 052015

Faroese villagers have slaughtered about 250 pilot whales in the past 24 hours according to Sea Shepherd activists monitoring the traditional summer hunts in the north Atlantic islands.

The whale pods, which migrate past the islands in July and August, were herded by flotillas of small boats on to two beaches where villagers waded into the water to kill them with lances.

Seven protesters, mainly from European countries, have been arrested this week for allegedly interfering with the the traditional community hunts, known as “grindadráp”.


“It was perfectly clear that the Danish navy ships Triton and Knud Rasmussen were present to guard one grindadráp, and that the slaughter [only] proceeded with the full consent of the Danish navy,” said Wyanda Lublink, captain of the Sea Shepherd boat Brigitte Bardot.

“How Denmark – an anti-whaling member nation of the European Union, subject to laws prohibiting the slaughter of cetaceans – can attempt to justify its collaboration in this slaughter is incomprehensible,” he said.

Footage from the hunt suggests that 111 pilot whales were killed on a beach at Nólsoy and a further 142 near the capital Tórshavn.

Whaling in the Faroes has been practised for hundreds of years and is regulated by the Faroese authorities. Around 800 pilot whales and some dolphins are killed annually.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 24 Jul 2015.

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Julie Gilligan

There is no.need to carry on with with old traditions going back 1500s .its sad .why Faroe goverment dont put an end to this barbaric act .. I I would understand if this was a really hungry country with no food to buy ! third famine countries areas dont act in this fashion . !!

Ellen Perkins


Bobby Balfour

…and failing dismally!

Bobby Balfour

Just a slight adjustment – 'attempting to prove your a man'?

Leigh Lofgren

This is sickening and when do we ever stop?

Linda French
this horrendous act by a bunch of inbreds needs to be stopped. This mostly is for proving that your a man. Well I got news for them. real men do not subject mammals of any kind to this type of death. There is no need for whale meat, and most say they do not eat it. It is a tradition that servies no purpose and a educated 21 century nation would not do this. Shame on Denmark – they could put a stop to this. Shame on the European Union for not stopping this, and fining them. I had a… Read more »
Susan Lee

This has long ago CEASED to be any kind of "need", so it is an EMPTY practice…why don't they quit it down to just a single elderly critter…maybe an EXCHANGE of one of their OWN lives for the lives they propose to take and let's see how THAT goes!

Tierra Chapman

Custom will reconcile people to ANY atrocity, including the brutal murders of who we now know to be highly sentient whales. No civilized culture tolerates animal abuse, and these Faroe islanders are long overdue to join the 21st century with their thinking and their treatment of these non-human beings. I include them in many cultures, including the USA, who continue to brutalize animals that they deem no more than commodities for meat that is truly not required for humans to live – this is not food, it's animal abuse!

Faye Rees

Ever been there? Small islands and this is food the Islanders will share for the year.

Joan Dabulewicz

This is disgusting! The answer is obvious! Is the human race going backwards?

Darren Jessup

Once again as I've said before, people should'nt even need to think about what the answer is to that question

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

that such barbarity continues to exist in this, the 21st century, is appalling beyond comprehension.

Doris Charles

Yes definitely Ken.

Alan Petrie

Again 2 people said no. Please come on here and explain why. Psychopaths?

Judy Egan

how sickening

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