POLL: Should the killing of animals by Wildlife Services be stopped?

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The highly secretive arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture known as killed more than 3.2 million animals during fiscal year 2015, according to new data released by the agency.

The total number of wolves, coyotes, bears, mountain lions, beavers, foxes, eagles and other animals killed largely at the behest of the livestock industry and other agribusinesses represents a half-million-animal increase more than the 2.7 million animals the agency killed in 2014.

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Despite increasing calls for reform a century after the federal wildlife- program began in 1915, the latest kill report indicates that the program’s reckless continues, including 385 gray wolves, 68,905 coyotes (plus an unknown number of pups in 492 destroyed dens), 480 black bears, 284 mountain lions, 731 bobcats, 492 river otters (all but 83 killed “unintentionally”), 3,437 foxes, two bald eagles and 21,559 beavers. The program also killed 20,777 prairie dogs outright, plus an unknown number killed in more than 59,000 burrows that were destroyed or fumigated.

“Despite mounting public outcry and calls from Congress to reform these barbaric, outdated tactics, Wildlife Services continues its slaughter of America’s wildlife with no public oversight,” Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity said.

“There’s simply no scientific basis for continuing to shoot, poison and strangle millions of animals every year—a cruel practice that not only fails to effectively manage targeted wildlife but poses an ongoing threat to other animals, including pets.”

Agency insiders have revealed that the agency kills many more animals than it reports.

The data show that the Department of Agriculture boosted its killing program despite a growing public outcry and calls for reform by scientists, elected officials and nongovernmental organizations.

“The Department of Agriculture should get out of the wildlife-slaughter business,” Robinson said.

“Wolves, bears and other carnivores help keep the natural balance of their ecosystems. Our government kills off the predators, such as coyotes and then kills off their prey—like prairie dogs—in an absurd, pointless cycle of violence.”

This article was first published by Ecowatch.com on 21 Jun 2016.

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Kat Valenzuela

I tell people that kill Wildlife for their own good.. "They got along just fine before we started to interfere!! "

Kathleen Colley

People in America need to lobby their parliamentarians to shut down this USDA Wildlife Services. People need to tell them they will refuse to vote for them in the next election – taxpayers are the people who pay their salaries. You have to be be proactive to rid your country of such a corrupt department and system!

Leigh Lofgren

unless you do something to stop this killing why ask the idiotic question. STOP

Michele Jankelow

FWS is an appalling agency pampering to big business and tycoon favours! They have violated every mandate and should be disbanded!

Marilyn Leybra

USDA Wildlife Services has been exposed by it's own (former employed wildlife killers & other witnesses w/ documented photos of untold animals left to die in unmonitored traps) as a rogue agency answering only to itself. Despite all , nothing has changed or has been addressed by Congress or Dept of the Interior or any U.S. Govt. authority & no NGO org. dedicated to defense of animals has any control over Wildlife Services who continue to operate today as 'self-monitoring rogue entity.' As self-monitoring as this poll which isn't going anywhere either.



Terence Hale

“Should the killing of animals by Wildlife Services be stopped?” Yes, but. The balance of nature has been disturbed for some time by such actions. The pressures come from farmers, landowners and developers who represent a powerful lobby. In addition such governmental agencies have developed a routine to substantiate their being. Many examples exist a good one being the badger culling in Britain or the wild boar culling in continental Europe.