POLL: Should the wolf be delisted in more American states?

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The U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee on Wednesday approved an amendment to a bill that orders to be removed from federal Species Act protections in , , Michigan and .

The amendment, which also would prohibit courts from intervening on status in those states, was added to the the so-called “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2016.”

Wolves in those states were ordered back under federal protections — and off-limits to hunting and trapping — under 2014 court rulings, angering many rural lawmakers who say wolf numbers need to be trimmed.

An amendment to a bill currently in the Senate would remove wolves from federal protections in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming. (Gary Kramer / USFWS)

The wolf amendment, which recently had been stricken from the federal budget compromise, was proposed by Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo.

Critics say the bill puts wolf management back into the hands of state wildlife agencies that are bent on killing too many wolves too soon after the animal faced as recently as the 1970s.

“This amendment has the potential to destroy the Act and puts the wolf on the path to extinction once again,” said Maureen Hackett, founder and president of the group Howling For Wolves. “If our Minnesota wolves do not have federal under the Endangered Species Act, we most likely would have another state-sponsored wolf trophy hunt.”

The bill, S-659, cleared the committee Wednesday but still must clear the full Senate. The House has passed a similar bill. Any final, compromise bill would have to be signed by the president before the changes in wolf status would occur.

A separate provision of the Sportsmen’s Act would permanently exempt lead fishing tackle from any federal regulation under the Toxic Substances Control Act. Many conservationists say the lead can kill birds, such as loons, that ingest small lead tackle such as sinkers. The fishing industry opposes banning lead tackle.

Another bill, S-1024, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2015, also cleared the committee. The bill funds projects to restore habitat, remove pollution and battle invasive species on the Great Lakes.

This article was first published by The Duluth News Tribune on 20 Jan 2016.

We invite you to share your opinion whether the wolf should be delisted in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should the wolf be delisted in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming?

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Michele Jankelow

Listen to the people and what they want and not to greedy cattle owners and land grabbers! Stop manipulation in Washington for personal gain! Save natural habitat and give the wolves a break!

Shirley Rodgers

Wolves should stay on the Endangered Species List. They don't have a chance if the Government takes them off! Please save our Wolves and other Wildlife. 🙂

Ginger King

Wolves are an essential part of an ecosystem and should remain under Federal protection. Removal of the wolf from federal protection will only cause the wolf population to drop. he people in these states think the wolves are trophies. Trophy hunting of any animal should not be allowed but, especially hunting of an endangered species. The wolf was given back federal protection in 2014 for a reason. THEY ARE ENDANGERED!! No state should be made exempt from federal protection.

Dianne Caldwell

Wolves deserve the God given right to live. As people move in on them we should remember to share our space on earth with animals. Yes if they pose danger on human habitat we should try to deter or move them before we resort to killing them. Circle of life.

Suzy Richards

I have not heard of any good reason as to why Wolves should not have protection. We need them listed as necessary to our world.

Nancy Stewart

Wolves are endangered and should be protected.

Michael Holt

Julie Schram … I have never seen so many stupid people on one page…. None from country that actually has wolves…

Michael Holt

Saw the video did you ??? It,s a lie.Yellowstone is dead…

Julie Schram

Suzanne M Jucksch i was force to live with them, by your choice not mine!!! you live in a City with no experiance at all! come out here and see what i mean, walk a mile in my shoes before you become more of a fool!!!!

Michael Holt

Suzanne M Jucksch Never knew Piitsburg had wolves of the 4 legged kind ???

Michael Holt

Suzanne M Jucksch … Explain work with them…

Suzanne M Jucksch

I work with them… you are ignorant and read too many story books!! They are a great asset to the ecosystem!! Maybe you and your stupidity needs to move out of what belongs to the wolves !!

Suzanne M Jucksch

This is all about money and ignorance !! I am so angered and disturbed how we destroy so much and feel it's OK. Our wildlife has lost so much habitat, and to make up for that loss we keep killing! Wolves and Bison due to Big money, mining and oil companies!! They aerial shoot them!!! We must preserve our land, water and wildlife.. wolves are so necessary to the ecosystem …. so many do not know or care what they really do to balance this. Yellowstone is blooming with life due to wolves and millions of $$ has been reared… Read more »

Julie Schram

Frances Bonner i have been surrounded, stalked and chased by wolves, i have had to kill 3 wolves after they slaughter 19 of my lambs! i have been stalked and surrounded by wolves for over 7 miles when i was leading a string of over 7 mules!! one mule was so scared that her teeth rattle!! i do not like the illegal Canadian Grey wolves!

Debbie Basha

Wolves are our Mother's most perfect balancer of Her plan. When given a reprieve last year, berries grew for the first time in decades in Yellowstone. Grazers were kept in check, bears fattened up on the berries for hibernation. All wolf propaganda is at the hands of the evil cattlemen. They want all free land to graze their doomed cattle. Wolves take less than 1% of livestock. If you care about wolves, do not support the "beef" people. Our Mother's plan is perfect, until sub humans get involved.

Michael Holt

Frances Bonner Please share your wolf encounter…. I know the wolf very well… Make me believe your encounter…

Larri Angel Rogers

Frances Bonner That does not explain, sorry. Does not say what direction is what.

Frances Bonner

The Endangered Species Act lists animals that may go extinct if not listed for protection under the act.

Frances Bonner

Wolves only want to hunt deer, coyotes,
and elk. Why the fear? I have been face to face with a wolf. The wolves did not harm me at all. I don't understand the anti wolf hysteria.

Larri Angel Rogers

What is for wolfs not being killed, and what is for hunters? I don't know what a list is. I didn't see anything listed – I thought that was a group of things. How does that apply to wolves?

Barbara Blackwood

We must protect our wildlife. It is our responsibility to care, not destroy.

Linda Bruder

I believe that the wolves need to protected from the worst animal on this planet and that is man. Please protect all the wolves of this planet. Before mother nature wipes us off the Earth. Ever since man stepped foot on this planet they have made more animal extinct then time itself.

Susan Struss

It makes no sense to murder predators. When their population is upset by random kills,sometimes of nursing females or pack leaders,it only results in a breeding boom,creating (guess what??) More Wolves. And then there are more mouths to feed and an instability in the group. Which equals…yep…More Predation! Leave wolves protected to prevent this imbalance,make derby hunts of predators illegal,teach ranchers to protect their herds thru non-lethal means that have been proven over and over to be effective.

Dee Machart

Please leave our wolves and other wildlife alone. If you feel some trimming needs to be done, trim the politicians, there are far too many of them.

Frances Bonner

Notice the poll results. Our politicians represent the what 3%? That leaves 97% who work against these hunting bills.

Frances Bonner

Isn't it by law their job to represent the will of the majority? Craziness and underhanded bill passing!

Janice Myers

There are not enough wolves for them to be delisted as so many have been killed in states where they have been delisted. It doesn't take long to wipe out an entire population when humans put their minds to it. Wolves do many positive things for the environment.

Ruth Smith


Brenda Saint James

No, wolves just survive. People kil wolves, other creatues, and each other. Humans are scum of earth.

Kim Norton

Absoutely not. Hunters need to be delisted

Ivana L Godin

Not all of us Americans want to kill animals, I for one rally against any hunting. It has no place in my our society in my opinion, unless you live in a very rural place and that is the only way to get food. Although being a vegetarian myself I would still stick to plant life and shoot animals with a camera.

Ivana L Godin

And most likely like with coyotes, states will have predator derbys, in which hunters kill as many animals as quickly as they can which will decimate populations

Ivana L Godin

Exactly, we all know that hunters are all too willing to kill as many wolves as they can, if hunters and the senate had any knowledge of wolves they would know that even slight hunting can actually have a very detrimental effect on their population, if you take out one or both parts of the alpha breeding pairs the pack scatters and lone wolves are not met with a kind greeting by other wolves, and if there are any other predators in the area a lone wolf will most likely be killed.

Jessica Joann Gibson

He'll no they are beautiful and we need to keep them on endangered species so no one can kill them

Rod Klomp

Wolves should be free and allowed to thrive..

Gail Carroll

I wonder why our politicians get elected when the bills they pass aren't supported by their constituents. I'm sure someone is lining their pockets. Look at the polls. Our government is right to focus on the environment, which I hope includes understanding the importance of our wildlife to balancing nature.

Michael Guest

They're wrong. The wolves are still in danger. Delisting them is not the answer. Also, the Endangered Species Act is under attack. That federal environmental landmark law is very important for other endangered species. These proposals are very bad and unacceptable. Congress needs to keep its hands off our wildlife and the ESA. No more playing around. The wolves need protection, not harm. This is very important.

Patricia Norkett

This is hard to read (white on black) and confusing. I hope I voted for the wolves by clicking "no".

Larry McDaniel

Absolutely not!!! Thy should never be delisted!!!

Leigh Lofgren

This proposal must be stopped and the wolf must be protected.

Joan du Toit


John Tobias

Seems to be yet another attempt by the GOP to wreck the ESA. About time ranchers stop running public lands.

Anne Grice

Wolves deserve the protection by the Federal Government if they are to survive. The States are not capable of protecting them as we have seen the sickening hunting of wild life in the states. There is just no civility when it comes to animal management by state leaders! Enough senseless killings of widl life in the USA, so end this and give them Federal protection.