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The ocean activist group Sea Shepherd says it has delivered armed Timor-Leste police on to a Chinese-owned fishing vessel in a dawn raid and is detaining the vessels for the police after it was found targeting .

Following a two-week hunt for the Pingtan Marine Enterprises fleet, the Sea Shepherd boat M/Y Ocean Warrior found the vessels 150km south of Timor-Leste, allegedly fishing with gill nets anchored to the bottom of the sea, which would suggest they were targeting bottom-dwellers such as sharks.

Campaign leader Garry Stokes, who is aboard the Ocean Warrior, said earlier footage taken by Sea Shepherd, showing the fleet hauling nets full of sharks – some of which are protected under international conventions – was given to the police, who then requested Sea Shepherd help officers board the vessels.

Freshly cut dorsal fin from a scalloped hammerhead shark held by fisherman with knife.

Early on the morning of 9 September, the police boarded the boat and discovered the haul, which appeared to consist almost entirely of sharks.

Stokes said the licence given to the fleet was vague but police believed any shark fishing was illegal under Timor Leste law.

Shark fin is considered a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Conservationists are concerned demand for it is fuelling illegal and driving species to .

Stokes said he met with Jose Ramos Horta, the former president and former prime minister of Timor Leste, who is agitating for strong action to be taken against the crew.

Stokes said Sea Shepherd was monitoring the fleet, making sure they did not flee. He said they appeared to start moving overnight, but under the authority of the police, the Ocean Warrior threatened to damage their communication equipment with a water cannon and they stopped.

In August, the same fleet was found with 300 tonnes of fish, mostly sharks including endangered hammerhead sharks, in the Galapagos national park.

Stokes said Sea Shepherd was tracking two other vessels owned by another Chinese company, which they had observed fishing with nets that were 10km long, despite 2.5km being the maximum allowed by international law.

He said Sea Shepherd was increasingly working with authorities in third world countries, which did not have the resources to enforce protections in their oceans.

“They’re the ones getting their oceans pillaged by foreign vessels,” Stokes said. “It’s a new role for us the last couple of years. We’re hoping to roll it out over the whole of south-east Asia.”

This article was first published by The Guardian on 14 Sep 2017.

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Kalyan Bhattacharyya

is there any doubt about that?

Brenda Ehnot

yes, that’s insane .

Elvira Wolfer

of course

Tuving Koğž


Beverly Wilbanks Schmidt




Paula Dyer

This is barbaric behaviour and there’s no place for it in this day and age. Shame on the people who do it and the people who buy it.

Marilyn Leybra

Well, if not for Sea Shepherd the extirpation of sharks from south-east Asian waters will not be stopped because third world countries there do not have the resources to enforce protections on sharks. Who’s going to impose & enforce a worldwide ban on killing sharks & impose & enforce penalties for poaching sharks? When is last time anyone’s been privy to a penalty imposed on an apprehended elephant poacher, or a poacher even being apprehended? Only thing consistently publicized is the latest body counts of the species being slaughtered.

Noelia Vidal


Linda Badham
Linda Badham


Susannah Gelbart

Voted, YES!!!!!

Michele Jankelow

How desperately tragic that people would sink so low to commit such atrocities on sharks and other creatures! Man has no shame when it comes to money! Time to enforce accountability governments for these horrors. We always rely on Sea Shepherd for a task that YOU, the elected governments should be undertaking. You sit back and wait for NGO’s to do what is really your responsibility! You have tax payers money so use it responsibily!


Yes….can THIS help it feels like it’s Not
When is this going to stop…..WE NEED TO STOP THIS
TY Cat

Leigh Lofgren

It never ends and putting a ban is one thing, actually stopping them is quite another …so very depressing the depth of destruction and killing man continues to do.

Maria Anna Mavromichalis


Rena Andersch


Rena Andersch

Should have been banned world wide since 1950 but the insane massacre has gone on. I must be stopped now.

Rita Gonzalez Palmeiro

Yes, when will people stop acting worse than animals?

Rakesh Arya

All type of “life killing ” should be ban

Jan Ann Prince


Juanita Cunningham


Maggie Calkins


Mary White


T. C.
T. C.

what a revolting practice this is. it sickens me how cold and cruel we humans can be to our animal friends

Petter Eliseussen

I stopped to read it in the same second i saw it was Sea Shepherd… Because then i know 100% for sure that it is all based on pure bullshit. (I bet they dont even know that there is different kinds of whales, and that both Norway and Japan agree that some of them we should not hunt on, because they need protection. But they have no idea that there is other types, that it is very much of, and that can be hunted just like we can fish some fish, but should try to not fish other kinds of… Read more »

Marco Ghiotto

This barbaric practice must be stoped. These crutures have evolved to be perfect for their environment. And people go and kill them just for their fins.

Karen Gozra


Rikki Salty

How would u like yr arm cut off then told to walk away, this is absolute horror..dont buy or eat shark fin soup…the very concept is disgusting!

Annette Mathew


Fran Mehan

Yes because they throw the shark back into the water still alive and they die a horrible death at the bottom of the ocean. Let alone all the endangered species that are even more threatened with this practice.

Fran Mehan

Shark finning is a horrible practice these animals die horrible deaths at the bottom of the ocean because they cannot surface without their fins

Linda Bonicelli

Of course. Shared publicly and praying for justice.

Lela Gary

What a gruesome sight, destruction caused by Barbarian humans…