POLL: Should wolves be rewilded in other countries?

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have returned to a large national park on the outskirts of Warsaw, decades after they were wiped out there under a hunt launched by the communist authorities.

“We’re really happy,” said Magdalena Kamińska, spokeswoman for the 150sq mile (385sq km) Kampinos national park, ’s second largest. “The fact that wolves have returned to our park, from which they completely disappeared in the 1960s, means that nature is in good health and is renewing itself.”

Park employees spotted a first in 2013, but the animal was just passing through. Now there are several and they appear to have settled in for the long haul, Kamińska said.

Wolves have returned to Poland after disappearing in the 1960s. – Photograph: Alamy

A young male wolf was caught on a hidden camera just a few days ago, and in September another was spotted drinking at a watering hole.

Poland’s communist regime organised a vast wolf cull in the 60s in response to their perceived danger, paying residents for every animal shot dead. The park’s last wolf pack was killed in 1964.

Officials added the wolf – rare or extinct in much of western Europe – to the country’s list of in the 1990s following protests from ecologists and animal rights activists, including the former French film star Brigitte Bardot.

The move helped reinstate wolves in certain areas, including the mountainous region of Bieszczady in the south-east. There are about 1,000 wolves in Poland today.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 25 Nov 2015.

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Hubert Mollaret

In France wolves are back and supposedly protected but for electoral reasons, culling is made easy for farmers who are too lazy and stupid to adapt their methods to the return of the predators.
Politicians are really useless, they always consider their own interests prior to those of the country or the environment for that matter.
So frustrating as top predators like wolves are essential to healthy European ecosystems, whereas politicians are not.
When does the cull start for them?

Marilyn-Brian Ashman

Yes, as long as they will be Protected !

Eva Schorer

Habitats are healthy and viable only when they reach a balance among all species living there, to include the apex predators. Predators are extremely valuable to the whole community including plant life, other species and rivers and nature as a whole. When there are no wolves, herbivoures ravage vegetation which in turn causes erosion in riparian areas that affect the flow of rivers. Animals living along the edge of rivers suffer in consequence. Nature, when left to its own, finds its own healthy balance so all living species can live harmoniously and healthy. So when we decide to decimate a… Read more »

Alex Craig

We need the wolves back here in Scotland because man has enjoyed a yearly cull of dear for far too long now its all about greed!

Sharon Aldredge

yes, everywhere!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

wolves should be everywhere the earth mother originally put them

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

wolves should be everywhere the earth mother originally put them

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

wolves should be everywhere the earth mother originally put them

Cindra Broenner

please save the wolves…

Mary Alice Moonflower Pollard

Yes, we need to build populations where once they roamed free … but they also must be by law, protected. Would not want to see them reloaced only to be murdered off by animal killers. We don't want to give those sorts of people anything to enhance their blood lust !

Dominique Rolland

Très jolie photographie , toute mon Amitié .