Poll: Should wolves be slaughtered to save caribou?

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The BC government has launched a kill program, blaming the wolves for the drastic decline of caribou, a decline which is actually caused by .

So is the wolf kill a solution? Killing wolves will not bring the caribou back in the absence of adequate habitat protection for caribou.

intelligent, social animals that are vital to the ecosystem is not a valid solution to a human caused issue and in this case is ethically, socially and scientifically unjustified.

Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left B.C.’s woodland caribou in serious decline.

But instead of protecting critical habitat, such as lichen-rich high elevation forests, the B.C. government turned a deaf ear to scientific warnings and allowed logging, industrial exploration and other kinds of human encroachment to take place.

Now that the caribou are almost gone, they’ve decided to scapegoat wolves. These highly social and intelligent animals, icons of B.C.’s natural heritage, should not be killed because of long-term government negligence in regards to habitat protection.

If the wolf kill program is allowed to continue, thousands of wolves will die a cruel and unnecessary death resulting in an ecosystem imbalance and loss of genetic diversity.   Don’t let that happen. Help us fight for the wolves’ right to live.

We invite you to share your opinion whether wolves should be slaughtered in to save caribou?

Should wolves should be slaughtered in British Columbia to save caribou?

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So how do we save wolves? Help us build an international spotlight on the wolf kill so the government is pressured to focus on protecting habitat for the caribou rather than killing wolves.

Join the Save BC Wolves Campaign – keeping this wildlife tragedy in the spotlight, educating the public, running ad campaigns and supporting front-line observers who oppose the kill. The campaign requires a full time effort, and we need your support to achieve this.

Visit our Indiegogo campaign to learn more and donate at: indiegogo.com/projects/save-b-c-wolves/x/9646119

This was first published by Pacific Wild on 22 Jan 2015.


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Dean Kennedy

hunting is closed there dumbass.

Dean Kennedy

how do we do a poll whgen their lies all over it?. arent they suposed to be about something with actua;l backable facs?
lrets see the scientific reports tat back they arent doing habitat protection. not just your saying they are…actualy study that proved that

Linda Nash

who the hell do these people think they are GOD to say kill kill kill any wolf that they want to get rid of is not up to them how would they feel if the shoe was on the other foot YOU WHO WANT TO MURDER THESE WONDERFUL WOLFS ARE YOU SOME BRAINLESS TWITS THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO THE FOOD CHAIN THEY ARE FREE SPIRITS AND ARE NOT I REPEAT NOT YOUR PROPERTY YOU DO NOT OWN THEM YOU HAVE NO RIGHT IF YOU DO THIS THEN YOU ARE NO MORE THAN POACHERS AND YOU SHOULD BE SHOT

Helen Hunt

BC wolves are being slaughter to ensure hunters can sport hunt, not to protect the caribou. If BC really wanted to protect the caribou, BC wouldn't have turned around and sold 799 hunting tags to kill the very same caribou they claim they have to protect from the wolves. This is about making hunters can kill and protecting the caribou.

Kayla Nicole

I can't believe their trying to slaughter wolves to scapegoat caribou dying off because of them "Humens" destroying the forest. Its so wrong. So they're going to destroy the ecosystem more by killing the wolves that are completely necessary to the environment.

Kayla Nicole

I can't believe there trying to slaughter wolves to scapegoat caribou dying off because of them "Humens" destroying the forest Its so wrong so they're going to destroy the ecosystem more by killing the wolves that are necessary to the environment

Angela Scibelli

Let nature do it's thing. We should not interupt that!

June Wolf

I am sick of people blaming the Wolves for everything, they only kill the sick and injured animals so that they can survive, they do not wantonly kill, only humans do that

Thomas Murphy

i am sick of changing nature to satisfy the moron hunters of this country

Stephanie Proulx

I can't believe this question is even asked?!? Yellostone isn'tnenoughbfor you to understand that predators like wolves are VITALS to maintain the health of the ecosystem, and the health of the caribous population as well! Jesus!!

Jenny Holack

No leave the wolves in peace

Robin Hamilton

If one reads this article, and many others, it is clear that wolves are NOT the problem. Wolves are necessary for a healthy ecosystem. The officials in charge of wildlife management continue to grossly underestimate the number of wolves required to maintain sufficient gene diversity for survival.

Jakki Hicks

All the killing & saughtering of wolves everywhere needs to STOP, & it needs to STOP now!!!

Nancy Lynn MacEacherm


Donna Griffen

Poaching and habitat loss is no. 1 cause. But the powers that be dont want to admit it so the wolf is the scapegoat as usual. So when the wolves are gone what are they going to blame or shoot then?

Anne Grice

How about hunting the disgusting humans who are hunting caribous for sick pleasure. How many caribous have been killed by humans who took pieces of their meat and leave the whole carcasses to rot in the fields? have you caught those despicable killers yet? I doubt it but yet these people have the gall to hunt wolves! This is the thinning of morons, not intelligent thinking humans. Your arguments is so flawed, illogical and is only to serve the pleasure of the powerful lobby groups of hunters and killers. It has nothing to do with problems with wolves. Humans should… Read more »

Jacques Clouseau
Jacques Clouseau

white imperialism has done nothing, but cause the destruction of earth.

Suzi Payton
Suzi Payton

Stop using stupid excuses to kill the wolves! It's called the circle of life .

Sharon McCullough
Sharon McCullough

Harper and the BC 'I don't know diddly' politicians involved with this obtuse, ridiculous and idiotic move know it's the tar pits, foreign hunters and guys who are out slaughtering trees get bored – AND many of the CHINESE TFW who have little respect for life – when same said idiot politicians should be evolving to hemp. PEOPLE and POLLUTION are killing the caribou. It's not the wolves and this act shows the level of ignorance they have about any wildlife. Throw these people to the curb before they cause more damage. Shame on the lot of you for this… Read more »

Susan Winchester
Susan Winchester

Caribou are in this situation because of humans. More than 10 years ago warnings were issued because of habitat loss due to bad planning and logging!!! This small group that remains are I fear beyond helping, but to slaughter wolves is criminal !!

Henriette Schalekamp-Roux

Humans have no right to kill precious life . Wolves play a necessary role in nature ! To slaughter one animal to save the other one ? Pure nonsense !

Becci Jungle
Becci Jungle

None should be killed to save another. Humans need to step back

Susan Lee

Plainly habitat restoration is the 'right" answer. Wolves' presence helps keep healthy the existing herds, without whom diseased members of the herds would spread their diseases to a far more rapid and possibly actual extinction. Humans had better focus on cleaning up their messes left by the oil pollution which is actually a killer of all life.

Lisa Ford
Lisa Ford

Don't kill these beautiful animals!

Mary Saunders

Who thinks this would help anything? Why don't the people who thought this up just shoot themselves in their own feet? Sheesh. Harming humans might help far more than harming wovles.

Diana Beall

Which is really killing the majority of caribou, wolves or humans? I'm betting on humans.