POLL: When bears kill humans should they be slaughtered?

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A mother grizzly and her two baby cubs may be put to death if a DNA test proves she was responsible for and eating a hiker in America’s .

The three bears are awaiting the results of a lab test but their case has already sparked cries of outrage from nature lovers who argue that the “mama grizzly” was simply defending her young.

“Nature should not pay the price for humans venturing out into the wild,” said one of the hundreds of people who protested to park authorities.

The killing happened on Friday when the “partially consumed” body of Lance Crosby, a 63-year-old experienced hiker, was found around a half-mile off a trail.

Mr Crosby was hiking alone, against park recommendations, and was not carrying any bear spray.

A in Yellowstone National Park Photo: Rex Features

The mother and one of her cubs were later caught in bear traps and a DNA sample from the mother has been sent off for testing to determine if she was responsible the killing.

Park authorities are trying to find a zoo or some other animal facility to take the cubs, who were born this spring, but so far have been unable to find one. If nowhere will take them, they too will be put to death.

“This is not something the park takes lightly,” said Amy Bartlett, a spokeswoman for Yellowstone. “Nobody wants to have to kill a bear but it’s a fine balance between public safety and preserving resources.”

The park has been inundated with calls and Facebook messages protesting against killing the mother. “We’ve been getting lots of calls from people who are lobbying for the bear,” Ms Bartlett said.

“Are we now going to kill every animal that kills even if it is in its own habitat?” asked Barbara Gallagher on the park’s Facebook page. “Will we be killing every shark that kills someone because they happen to be swimming where the sharks are?”

Park authorities said they were mindful of an incident in 2011 when a mother bear killed a hiker but was determined to be protecting her young.

The bear was allowed to live but several weeks later it was involved in a second attack and had to be put down.

Including Mr Crosby, just eight people have been killed by bears in Yellowstone since records began in 1916. Two of them were killed in separate incidents in 2011.

Yellowstone’s website records a possible fatality in 1906 when “a man was attacked by a female grizzly bear after he prodded her cub with an umbrella”.

This article was first published by The Telegraph on 11 Aug 2015.

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To all those who are against killing that bear that obviously might pose a serious security risk to any park visitor, and there are thousands of them each year, including children, how about fighting against hunting instead? Now lets face it, how many grizzly bear are killed each year in the USA by hunters? I see nobody complaining about this here… People, you are fighting the wrong war! Every year 300 – 400 grizzlies are killed in BC, Canada by trophy hunters. I would like to see that many people fight against trophy hunting of bears, lynx etc… Here is… Read more »

Anda V Johanna

o.O dumb woman! read all the comments above and all the reasons why killing the bear/s is not a sollution and should never be an option. It is not their fault, get it?!!!! it's human's fault.


Oh dumb man! you would be the first to slaughter that bear if it was a threat to you or your family! get It??!!!

Daniella Zylen

Although I love grizzly bears and have been in Yellowstone and see those beautiful bears before, I think if a bear kill a human and consume it in whole or in part, then it will do it again. If the bear attack to protect her cubs and does not consume the victim, then no it should not be killed because she is just protecting her cubs and has not become a predatory bear. Now the question is, was it the bear who ate the victim or coyotess? if the bear then yes kill it, if not then no, it's part… Read more »

Tami Kannenberg

If we, as a species, continue to believe that killing an animal that has either attacked, killed or may pose a threat to human life, we might as well slaughter ALL wildlife now and doom ourselves to extinction. We, as a species, face threats every day. The biggest threats we face are from our own species. Why should wildlife pay the ultimate price of death for doing what Nature intended it to do? I don't buy into the crap that humans are not "normal" prey. Simple reason, animals learned to fear us with the invention of the "fire stick"; the… Read more »

Sue Lesmond

No bears should not be killed for killing humans.It is called an eye for an eye!

Elly Gwee

Why in the damn first place when a stupid bastard idiotic human goes into the wild and chance upon a bear, tiger, bison whatever animal may be and is killed, then should we, another group of nothin in between the heads, stupid human, idiots starts blaming and killing the animal??? Why don't we just take the shot gun and shoot the guy who has intruded the home of the wild animals instead huh ??????

Carole Deech

No you are on there turf, be aware of the rules and follow guidelines to protect yourself, and absolutely NEVER if she has Cubs. Park Service is so wrong about this and using old data and policy's, its all about liability and not whose the real problem, humans. This could be solve by a simple clause on the back of the purchased ticket just like baseball you can't sue for getting hit by a ball you sign your right away when you purchase a ticket. Obviously they have to handle problem bears but not by a killing. It's barbaric! Thanks… Read more »

Leigh Lofgren

This man and I'm sorry for his death, knew the risks and this mother was just protecting her cubs. Neither she nor the cubs should be killed for something that was human error…I doubt this bear is going to go hunting people any time soon and I'm sure, having read about this earlier, the man himself would be horrified to have them killed. Leave them be and please don't kill any of them.

Vibeke Hansen

shall peoble killes for kill peoble ?????——

Michele Jankelow

The cardinal rule, never get between a mother bear and her cubs EVER! Now one dead person, one dead bear and two orphan cubs to be raised in a zoo! Really people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nova Town

SUPER POINT – thank you !

Carol Olson

Nooo!! We humans are invading their natural habitat, as visitors of their homes, we have to respect them, their homes and their cubs just as we would expect for our ourselves, our children and our homes. If we are attacked then its our own fault for getting in their personal space. The Mama bear did what any other mothers natural instinks would of done. They deserve to be set free and left alone.

Nutsy Buslot

The hiker knew the risks but he paid with his life for his arrogance and stupidity. A mother bear has been killed and her cubs orphaned. Instead of slaughtering a sentient creature for trying to protect her cubs YNP should have more stringent rules and regulations displayed where people can and cannot go. Whoever runs these parks should be properly trained in wildlife management and safety as they seem to be run by people who seem clueless. RIP mother bear.

Rocky Mountain Wild

thanks for sharing FocusingOnWildlife, have a great Friday 🙂 (insight by http://t.co/GqVCFnX420)

Silvia Ef

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” A. Einstein. Stop killing other creatures like they don't matter! They are now more important than us humans, as we are destroying them at an incredible speed while we proliferate the earth. I think if you decide to visit a Nural resort, it's your responsibility to find out about possible risks, where to go or not to and if the female creatures habiting that resort have just given birth – they are known to be fiercely protective of their youngs, and rightly so! how… Read more »

Paula Rock

When you are in their territory, you should have reason enough to be doubley careful. You can not blame a wild animal for being protective, no different from a human mother. Why should the bear and her cubs suffer for man's stupidity. Leave the bears alone. It's bad enough already that we are killing the wolves, the buffalo, the lions, giraffes, seals, whales, dolphins etc. When is enough—-enough. When there's nothing left.

Tierra Chapman

Blaze, a very popular and photogenic Mother bear at YNP (for 20 years, without incident) has already been killed. Sadly, her orphans await incarceration in the Toledo Zoo instead of a sanctuary or rehab facility for Grizzlies. This is a tragedy of epic proportions all around. I feel for the hiker's family, but he, too, was a seasoned YNP employee who'd worked as an RN at the medical clinics there. He knew better. Many visitors to YNP do moronic things, and when they get themselves hurt, wildlife pays the price with their one precious life. They're expendable commodities to YNP.… Read more »

Rob Yn

Enough with killing! Killing prey because their predators were killed off. Killing by way of habitat destruction. Killing for their heads to be trophies. Killing Killing Killing. Killing animals for protecting their young. YNP kills a bear for being a bear. Horrendous. I am tired of this assault on nature. Just stop.

Dawn Sicard Gemme

NO! Especially when a mother is protecting her young

Vince Smith

So does that mean that any human who kills a bear, other than in self-defence or in the defence of their family, should also face a death penalty?
ie 'Sports' hunters who kill for fun?

Linda French

I agree

Linda French

I agree

Linda French

Good idea.

Linda French

Good idea.

Linda French

This is a very unfortunate accident but one that could more than likely be prevented. You do not hike or bike alone! Warning signs are posted in park. this man did not even take his bear spray, yet decided to make the very unfortune decicsion to hike alone. Mother bear was protecting her cubs.

Simon Tucker

As I have posted elsewhere: any hiker / camper / human who wants to go into the habitat of top predators should have to sign a waiver absolving any predator of culpability should that human be dumb enough to end up as lunch

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

we infringe on their territory and are perceived as a threat….well, to them we are….

and NO they should not be killed!

Darren Jessup

It's not the bears fault if any come into contact with any humans, anybody that goes hiking or venturing out in the wild into the territory of bears or any other wild animals alike they choose to do that at their own risk

Adi Le Roux

Don't blame the bears because you choose to enter and encroach into their habitat and territory. Animals will kill and fight to protect both their young and territory. Just how would you feel if someone entered your home uninvited and threatened your children and your life????? I am sure you would react to that situation exactly in the same manner. Humans should be the custodians and protectors of the wild and innocents….not the arrogant, destructive creatures we have become, who think we have domain over all life.

Jon Rossi

When there is a food shortage, we can always send out a batch of careless hikers to put an end to the poor bears hunger. It is the very least we can do to save our wildlife.

Cat Vincent

If humans CHOOSE to go alone and unprepared into a wild creatures habitat – on their own head be it. The bear only thinks as a bear – she is not guilty of manslaughter – only acting in the best interest of her cubs.

Terence Hale

“When bears kill humans should they be slaughtered?” No; as when humans kill humans. Think about it America.

Je suis le loupⓋ