Proposal to remove all advertising from Focusing on Wildlife

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Focusing on Wildlife is a non-profit organization with more than 10,000 members worldwide. Our mission is to actively promote wildlife conservation and habitat preservation. We celebrate the biodiversity of Planet Earth and condemn wildlife crime.

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Focusing on Wildlife has always been completely free of charge because operating costs could be covered by advertising revenue. However this has declined substantially in the last year!

The question now is whether “monthly donations” could entirely replace our dependence on advertising to cover operating costs.

When 50 to 100 members sign up to a “monthly donation”, then advertising could be completely removed from Focusing on Wildlife.

An “Ad-Free” website would be less distracting with faster page loading.

Will you support this proposal for an "Ad-Free" website?

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Support this proposal for as little as $1 per month – it only takes a minute – and you can log in to edit your recurring donation at any time.





Note: All donations are used to cover operating costs and contributions to wildlife charities.



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Robert Piller
Robert Piller

Only those interests surely that are doing harm to the planet.

Jerry Schudda

I would have to ask those that keep the site operational if they think that it is worth their effort to solicit advertisers. If it is then keep whatever you can and also ask for an annual donation from members. I think that you may be losing advertisers because of posting so many politically charged articles. The advertisers may not want to be associated with your comments. We don’t need to hear so many negative comments about American politics. That kind of stuff we can do without. Just my opinion.

Paul Seligman

Voted yes- when it’s definitely going ahead I’ll donate the minimum but would prefer annual – tracking small transactions is a pain and there are currency conversion costs to consider.


I voted “No”, although I would very much prefer an advertising free site. I know that without advertising (that I personally do not pay attention to) this site would lose it’s primary source of funding with which to operate. It would result in the site closing down and/or charging users a ‘membership’ fee. So being practical, I realize you need to keep the ads, but please do not increase them.