Sea turns red in Faroe Islands as 250 whales slaughtered in ‘barbaric’ hunt

Sea turns red in Faroe Islands as 250 whales slaughtered in ‘barbaric’ hunt

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Sickening pictures show the sea turning red with blood as dozens of are slaughtered in an annual ritual in the .

Activists have voiced their horror as the killings – a tradition believed to date back 1,000 years – got underway in spite of the pandemic.

On the year’s first hunt, more than 250 whales were killed, campaigners said.

Animals are surrounded as they migrate past the shores of the Danish territory and herded toward the beach, where they are hacked to death.

It has been described as an “insane blood sport” by charity ORCA, which is lobbying to end the , carried out with knives by licensed .

Pictures shared by campaign group Sea Shepherd show hunters in the water butchering the whales.

It has described the hunts as a “barbaric”.

In a statement, Sea Shepherd said: “252 long finned pilot whales and 35 Atlantic white sided dolphins were killed in Hvalba last night after the huge pod was found off Sandvik.

“This is the first organised grindadrap hunt of 2020 with the meat from the hunt distributed first to the approximately 70 hunt participants from the boats and those on the beach – and then the remainder to villages on Suðuroy with all recipients then free to sell their share of the meat if they so wish.”

Grim pictures show the sea turn red as whales are slaughtered in the Faroe Islands (Image: SeaShepherdFrance//Facebook)
Whales are surrounded and butchered with knives (Image: SeaShepherdFrance//Facebook)



An estimated 800 whales are killed each year in the 1,000 year old traditional hunt (Image: AFP/Getty Images)

Around 100,000 pilot whales swim close to the Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic between Norway and and comprising of 18 tiny islands, each year.

The Faroese hunt on average 800 whales annually.

All hunters must have a license.

The Blue Planet Society has condemned the tradition and said the animals had been “brutally and cruelly slaughtered”.

This article was first published by The Mirror on 19 July 2020. Lead Image: Horrifying images show the grim reality of last year’s hunt (file image) (Image: AFP/Getty Images).

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Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

Once again, ‘tradition and culture’ raises it’s ugly-hearted head and allows this heinous atrocity to continue. These innocent, defenseless animals are NOT killed quickly, they are stabbed and literally hacked to pieces. Shame on these ‘people’ and shame on them for teaching their children that its okay to satisfy their perverted taste for animal abuse, torture and murder.

Chinmay Mc Massey

This brings Covid19

Garcia-Sagas Linda

I agree tenfold!!!!

Nina Schenk


Karen Simpson


Kim Stapleton

This has to stop big time. They deserve to live peacefully without cruel humans murdering them

Dirk Mittweg

Barbaric people at Faroe, boycott this island !

William Russell

This atrocities need to be stopped. This is no way to treat any living thing let alone one of the most intelligent animals on Earth

Dianne Dulat

Barbaric and repulsive killing innocent lives, disgusting rituals must be STOPPED.

Michelle Clairel

Quelle barbarie de la part de ces sauvages !!!!

Sara Leonard

I totally can’t put in print what’s going through my mind. So much rage.

Bul Bul Ghosh

Who stopped this cruelty work???

Dirk Mittweg

Nobody !

Jeanelle Todd Coutelle

Lifetime of bonds being formed and just a minute to decimate a population of whales…only sorrow

Donna Wilson Young


Terry Shoaff

You kill mammals for food clothes same as you kill animals , deer an such … for food an clothing. Not for trophies an just to kill . What’s a wrong people? A little off the subject. But they kill children for nothing too. Had to throw it in.

Annette Turner


Sandy Torres


Jean Sinkel

these monsters should all be in prison. Extreme animal cruelty such as this is a felony in civilized countries. Karma is real, they will get what they deserve

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

And we, the world, watch…drowning in outrage and tears

Sue Curtis

SO EVIL!!!!!!

Michele Jankelow
Michele Jankelow

Not all traditions should be honoured and this is one of them! Shame on the people of the Faroe Islands for their desire to perform such abject horrors and cruelty and furthermore teach their children that this is acceptable! Shame on Denmark for turning their backs on this! You shop in supermarkets for your food so their is absolutely no excuse for what you are doing here! You are a society without shame or respect!

Janet Kenedy