Should Gucci use live tigers as props in advertising campaigns?

Should Gucci use live tigers as props in advertising campaigns?

To commemorate the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Tiger, Gucci released an advertising video for its latest collection, ‘Gucci Tiger,’ earlier this month.

The advertising campaign featured “a diverse range of ready-to-wear and accessories depicting numerous renderings of the animal.”

The advertisement depicted a wild tiger seated at a dining table, standing on their front paws. While the film attempted to portray tigers as charming, domesticated creatures, this is not the case.

Tigers are a threatened species that must be valued and safeguarded.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) states that “the tiger is categorized as Endangered in the Red List of Threatened Species, and it is estimated that just 3,500 tigers survive in the wild worldwide.”

Gucci’s advertising campaign makes it seem as though the tiger is enjoying themself.

However, this animal is not an entertainment prop for photos! Tigers deserve to live a normal, free life.

To make matters worse, Gucci is trying to pretend that its stunt is somehow in support of wildlife conservation and protecting their natural habitats.


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Gucci’s fashion campaign encourages consumers to treat them in the same harmful way.

The Year of the Tiger should raise awareness that these incredible animals need respect and protection.

Tigers are under serious threat due to their exploitation as ‘pets.’ Although the popular fashion brand has committed to going fur-free, they don’t get a free pass for other issues of animal mistreatment. We must urge Gucci to stop glorifying captive wild animals in their campaigns.


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Sign this petition to demand that Gucci apologize for its misguided tiger stunt and commit to never using live wildlife in its future campaigns!

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This article by Holly Woodbury was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 7 February 2022. Lead Image Source : dangdumrong/shutterstock.

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