South Africa selling tiger and lion hunts to Chinese nouveau riche

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Critically , considered to be ‘functionally extinct’ in , are now offered by several South African hunting businesses.

Since tigers are primarily defined as an exotic species in South Africa, the captive breeding, trading and hunting of this CITES Appendix I species is unregulated, with an estimated 60 mostly unlicensed tiger breeders, including several backyard breeders in Gauteng.

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South Africa’s involvement

Inkulu African Safaris in the Eastern Cape advertised hunt for between Euro 500,000 and one million at the China Hunting Show, Imberba Rakia in Limpopo offered tiger hunts (prices on request only), and Clayton Fletcher from Tinashe had a 7-day ‘cat in the bag’ hunting package, including lion, , blue , zebra, springbok, and warthog, for US$22,000.

Firearm ownership in China is heavily regulated making it nearly impossible for individuals to possess a rifle and legal hunting grounds are limited, so the burgeoningelite with little shooting experience travel abroad to indulge in their new-found hobby.

Lack of hunting expertise does not seem to be as an issue for the South African hunting outfitters represented at the show over the weekend. Fletcher of Tinashe Outfitters, for example, guarantees to make any Chinese hunter competent to shoot within a two-day period.

The booming Chinese economy has created an extensive, affluent middle-class of 400 million people with a third already travelling outside China, according to the China Hunting Show website.

In search of new markets, South African hunting businesses now offer a myriad of African wildlife to these nouveau riche Chinese citizens and lions are still one of the top choices.

Captive breeding

As South Africa only issues about a dozen wild lion permits per year, the tawny and white lions adorning the exhibition brochures are most likely captive bred.

“Don’t let the wide, open space of these game farms fool you”, says Smaragda Louw (Ban Animal Trading South Africa), who visited the show. “These lions are not hunted in the wild, but in an enclosed area with no escape.”

Tinashe Outfitters located in the NW province for instance can legally offer hunting of a captive bred lion a mere four days after its release from captivity. The shortest release time in any province in South Africa with no restrictions on the minimum camp size.

Are these would-be hunters aware that most of these lions will be captive bred and habituated to humans through unscrupulous activities, such as cub petting?

As expected, many visitors attending the China Hunting Show over the weekend were completely unfamiliar with the concept of , let alone “canned” hunting.

However, “by the end of the day, cash was changing hands as first-time hunters began planning their first overseas hunting trips”, stated show officials on social media.

This article was first published by on 25 June 2019.


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Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett

F**k the gut-wrenchingly, vile, depraved CHINESE masses. They will be the destroyer of this planet, the destroyer of our home, the only home we have. When will the rest of the world wake up and stop these murdering CHINESE from carrying out these heinous atrocities day after day…..threatening the lives and very existence of every species that walk, swim, fly or crawl, NOTHING is considered sacred or worthy by these brain-dead, sadistic, barbaric masses. I wonder when they’ll start exterminating their own PANDAS?????

esperanza pinto martinez
esperanza pinto martinez

malditos chinos son una plaga acaban con todo solo faltan que se vuelvan canibales

Maureen Ellen McGill

There is a new Colonialism in Africa, this time by China. They are lending billions to countries knowing that these countries can never pay this back. So meanwhile the wildlife suffers, only Kenya and, for now, Botswana has resisted Trophy Hunters.

Sharon Hopkins
Sharon Hopkins

Botswana is now allowing their elephants to be killed so they will be letting trophy hunters and even tourists to kill these majestic animals. The Chinese are in many African countries destroying the habitat by mining and other money-making concerns (but they only employ Chinese labourers and not locals). Zimbabwe exports baby elephant calves to China for zoos. Nostradamus said the Chinese race will sweep the world.

Dianne Dulat

All humans will pay for this incessant lust for killings and trophy huntings, greed gone out of control.

Alison Moanique

just stop it!

Judy Priestley

Evil and Desperate people !! The Chinese will eat them for dinner of course !

Галина Быструхина

охотникам пора башку прострелить , за каждого убитое животное

Georgina Eliano

There is still human slavery, what do you expect? If there are buyers there will be animals to sell.

Karen Bogue

Dear Lord all the murdering of these beautiful animals. This is so wrong

Tami Miller

Any country that allows sick deranged people to hunt wild animals in their country deserves NO respect.

Sue Curtis


Diane Pizza

This has got to be stopped!