Stop the Slaughter of Fin Whales for Pet Treats

Stop the Slaughter of Fin Whales for Pet Treats

The story about endangered whales being slaughtered by Icelanders in the North Atlantic and shipped to Japan to be turned into dog food was first published on 29 May 2013 . Within one week more than 1 million wildlife supporters signed the petition, and Dutch ports were closed to the transfer of whale meat. The Icelanders tried to re-route via Hamburg but that was also blocked – but the whales are still in danger – read the full story below and learn how you can help (it only takes a couple of minutes!).

Fin whale landed prior to butchering in port in Iceland in 2010 1919634
Horrific: Fin whale being carved up in Iceland in 2010


Fin whales are magical giants of the sea. But in days, over 180 of these endangered species are set to be slaughtered by one tycoon and his buddies whose summer hobby is to harpoon them, chop them up and ship their meat through the Netherlands to Japan for dog food!

There is one way to stop the hunt before it starts — you can’t dock a boat full of illegal whale carcasses just anywhere. German and Finnish authorities have shunned the shameful trade. Now, the Dutch are the linchpin. They care deeply about their reputation as environmental leaders, and are hoping this bloody trade won’t get any global attention. But if we expose it now and demand the Dutch authorities refuse the transfer of whale meat in their port, we can stop the whale massacre!

We have to act fast — the whaling ships are due to start the hunt next week. Sign now and tell everyone to join — let’s build a one million strong campaign to Prime Minister Mark Rutte now warning him that we will create a media storm with giant whales on his doorstep unless he stops the transfer in Dutch docks.

Update: 7 June 2013

GREAT NEWS! We’ve hit the Icelandic whalers where it hurts! After receiving our one million strong petition – Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs Sharon Dijksma agreed to work fast with the Port of Rotterdam and other EU harbours to stop the transfer of whale meat. This commitment sends a clear message to the whalers that they cannot expect it to be business as usual in Europe. The Dutch decision will make the whalers reconsider the hunt before it starts!

Update: 18 June 2013

This week Icelandic whalers began the senseless fin whale hunt and returned to port yesterday with the first kill – even after our one million strong petition convinced the Dutch government to stop their whale meat shipments. But we’ve got a plan to bring the slaughter to an end.

One German supermarket group may be the key to stopping them right now. EDEKA is fueling the whalers by selling seafood products sourced from company linked to the same people behind the hunt! But a massive national outcry about this scandal can force the company’s CEO to suspend their orders and stop selling the seafood tainted by the slaughter until the whalers give up.

The whalers could massacre over 180 endangered fin whales this summer so we need to act fast! When we reach 150,000 signatures we’ll create a “crime scene” outside EDEKA’s headquarters with the outline of deadwhales on the tarmac and deliver the petition to their CEO. Sign now and share this urgent petition widely

Fin Whale Balaenoptera physalus 1919725
Fin whales killed for dog food – Photo Getty

Latest Update: 21 August 2013

More great news! When whalers tried to reroute their shipments from the Netherlands to Hamburg, Avaaz members in Germany and Greenpeace raised the alarm, and we forced the authorities to respond. The whale meat was put right back on a ship to Iceland! And the German government urged the port to refuse all future whale meat shipments. Now we are asking Germany’s biggest supermarket to stop selling products linked to the whaling company. Let’s keep up the pressure until the hunt stops!

We call on EDEKA CEO Markus Mosa to immediately suspend all purchases from Deutsche See and Iceland Seafood as some of their products are supplied by HB Grandi, who is fuelling the slaughter of endangered whales in Iceland. No purchases should be resumed from these companies until they drop HB Grandi as a supplier or until they take serious action to stop the fin whale hunt. The lives of over 180 fin whales are in your hands.

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EDEKA and the whale massacre

Don’t delay! Do it today.

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