Stop the ‘World’s Cruellest’ Seal Cull

The world’s cruellest slaughter of seals takes place every year in Namibia, and is due to start again on July 1st. Australian-based fur and skins company, Hatem Yavuz, is directly implicated in this annual brutal slaughter. Hatem Yavuz is the last remaining buyer of these dead seal pup skins to make them into fur coats.

Cape Fur Seals are directly related to the protected Fur Seals living on the southeast Australian coast and the Namibian Government has allowed 85,000 of these animals to be killed each year. Most pups are so young that they are still being nursed by their mothers. The terrified pups are rounded up, separated from their mothers and brutally clubbed to death.

The market for Namibian Cape Fur Seal skins has collapsed over recent years due to lack of demand and import bans in the European Union, the United States, Mexico and South Africa because of the cruelty involved in the sealing methods. As of 2008, Australian-based Hatem Yavuz is the only one company left buying seal skins from Namibia.

The annual Namibian seal cull is regarded as the cruellest in the world. The sheer terror of the slaughter can cause pups to vomit their mother’s milk in fear. Once hit several times with a wooden club, and assumed dead, they are cut with a knife to ‘bleed out’ — sometimes whilst conscious, before being skinned. Please help pressure the Australian company that has been financially supporting this annual slaughter.

There is international pressure on Hatem Yavuz to stop funding this cull. Please add your voice and express your outrage to Hatem Yavuz for their culpability in animal cruelty, and call on them to commit to never again buying Namibian Cape Fur Seal skins.

Take action now and help to stop this slaughter on the link Animals Australia the voice for animals.

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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