Nov 132013
6 Reasons You Should Be Drinking “Bird-Friendly” Coffee

Environmentally conscious coffee drinkers already know that the brew they choose matters. They comb supermarket shelves looking for labels like “USDA Organic,” “Rainforest Alliance Certified” and “Fair Trade Certified.” Did you know, however, that there’s one more label you might want to be sure your morning cup of joe carries? Check to see whether your […]

Sep 162013
Civet coffee: why it's time to cut the crap

I am today launching a campaign aimed at ending an industry that I created. That trade is in kopi luwak, AKA civet coffee – otherwise known as “wolf”, “cat”, and “crap” coffee, and the most expensive coffee in the world. Over the past 20 years Kopi Luwak has become the ultimate bling coffee, a celebrity […]

May 072013
Civet poop coffee may be threatening wild species

Popularization of the world’s strangest coffee may be imperiling a a suite of small mammals in Indonesia, according to a new study in Small Carnivore Conservation. The coffee, known as kopi luwak (kopi for coffee and luwak for the civet), is made from whole coffee beans that have passed through the guts of the animal […]

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