Trophy Hunter Gets Eaten by Crocodiles

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Scott Van Zyl was the owner of SS Pro Safaris, a South African canned hunting facility that also organized trips to Africa so trophy hunters could kill magnificent animals and display them in their homes.

In a weird twist of fate, Van Zyl became the hunted earlier this month during a safari. After he separated from a local tracker and approached the shore of the Limpopo River, he was eaten by crocodiles.

Unfortunately, three crocodiles had to die as well. The tracker had become concerned when Van Zyl’s dogs returned to the campsite without him. A few days later, searchers found Van Zyl’s footprints and backpack on the river bank, but divers and helicopter pilots were unable to find his body in the river.

Photo credit: Limboko

“Permission was given for three in the area to be shot, and one of them contained Mr. Van Zyl’s remains,” Sakkie Louwrens, director of the Heritage Protection Group (HPG), a -based nonprofit that investigates, fights and prevents violent crimes, told the BBC. “Subsequent DNA tests have proved the remains to be those of Mr. Van Zyl.”

An investigation is underway to determine exactly how Van Zyl died. At least four people have been killed in Zimbabwe by crocodiles in the past year. Due to the unusually heavy rainfall, crocodiles have been moving away from rising rivers.

Gepostet von Scott van Zyl am Freitag, 3. Februar 2017


“Our hearts go out to Scott’s wife and their two children,” said Phillip Bronkhorst, chairman of the Limpopo Hunters Forum. “Scott will be remembered for the passion he had for his profession and life in general.”

He may have had a passion for his profession, but it’s really difficult to understand how someone with a passion for life in general would have been willing to facilitate and profit from the killing of hundreds of animals.

“From elephants in Botswana to the smallest blue duiker in KwaZulu Natal, we do it all,” boasts the SS Pro Safaris website.

In a disgusting and graphic — be warned that it’s really more like a snuff film — Van Zyl posted on YouTube in January 2016, various leopards are seen being shot to death on his “hunting preserve” – including one big cat as he innocently approaches his dinner.

First bull for the season…

Gepostet von Scott van Zyl am Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017


Trophy hunters like Van Zyl often defend it by claiming they’re killing animals to help people. For example, Donald , Jr. spent Earth Day killing prairie dogs, which are considered “agricultural pests” because they damage crops.

But in Montana, where he shot them, the state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks lists them as a species of concern due to their decline in number. Prairie dogs are also an important part of the ecosystem: More than a hundred other animals depend on them for food or live inside the burrows they’ve created.

Not surprisingly, a recent study by Humane Society International found that in Africa does very little to help local economies.

As for the Nile crocodiles Van Zyl had intended to kill, they are considered the most dangerous type of , with the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. But are they any scarier than humans who want to kill animals only for sport?

With Van Zyl now resting in peace, hopefully SS Pro Safaris will be shut down so more animals can continue to live in peace.

This article was first published by on 27 Apr 2017.


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Barbara L. Miles

GOOD….NO MORE trophy hunting of any kind. There was NO reason to kill the alligators This man should not have been in that area so he entered at his own risk. Hopefully all wild life will kill all trophy hunters and their guides. Is this harsh, yes. BUT the amount of beautiful wild life are being killed to support ones ego. ALL trophy hunting needs to be against the law in all countries.

May Lennox-Milton

Doesn’t happen nearly enough to all animal abusers

Jacques Tremblay

When you play with fire you perish by fire. This trash is gone, end of the story.

Akin Erbay

Good riddence

Claudia Keim

Bad karma…

Tim Walker

2 words – GOOD RIDDANCE. ps. RIP those 3 crocs.

Wendy South


Robert Piller

Good old crocs’ is what I say!

Robert Piller

Good old crocs’ is what I say!

Liz Wyse

My prayers have been answered!!!

Phyllis Kaelin

Hahahahbahaaaha!! 🙂

Ron Barnes

Trophy Hunters are the scurge of this Earth and more of these incidents need to hapen to make them to think twice before they need a gun where a camera would be a better way to have a surfarery

Susan R. England

At least the croc got him before the other idiots got their shots in. Glad to see Karma finally caught up with one of these low life morons.

Marilyn Ashman

No love loss from me for that Animal Killer!!!!!!
And no sympathy for the family, as they probably agreed to his Trophy Killing!!
Who would want to live with someone who has no compassion or empathy for Animals!!!!

Raymond Barlow

What comes around, goes around.

Dulcie Beak

Sad that the three cocodiles had to die or the story would have been a good one. Diane

Chase Stevens

You have to be a souless moron to hunt for the sake of a trophy or profit. No sympathy from me.

Michele Jankelow
Michele Jankelow

I love natural justice! He was arrogant and greedy! Yup, karma!

Patricia Mazzoni

Karma . What goes around, comes around.

Bev Cristina

Another reason the crocs were killed could be that now they have a taste for humans, and may be more likely to kill again. Humans don’t realize how much they endanger wild animals by getting too close.

Michele Jankelow
Michele Jankelow

Honestly that is not an informed comment. Yes, be guarded and informed around wildlife but as far as crocodiles getting a taste for human flesh, I am afraid that is a ridiculous comment!

Bev Cristina

What a shame! I feel so bad that 3 crocs had to die for that idiot!!

Sandy Greer

sorry for his family, but have to say it was a fitting end … KARMA

M Leybra
M Leybra

Who knows if he even had a family, or if did, if they didn’t fully support him killing animals? His family’s a non issue. Orphaned baby elephants grieve all the time & other animals too, when their ‘families’ are killed by trophy hunters. Feel sorrow for Cecil the lion’s family of cubs, do you?

george mira

Please post if possible the HSI study showing that trophy hunting does NOT significantly support local economies. In the USA in two widely separated National Park border areas, predator killing – specifically the murdering of wolves for trophies – has also been causally associated with significant losses within those two large National Parks of wolf populations. In Alaska’s Denali National Park, the trophy hunting and trapping (wolf skins are sold, often illegally internationally, creating a profit-based market for a few trappers eager to cash in on the deaths of highly intelligent and ecologically vital native wolves. This has resulted in… Read more »

Lois Carol Wessels

Karma works!!!!! What an irony

Bartolomeu Sousa

He had it coming!!!

Leigh Lofgren

I too had no issue with this until I saw that they had killed crocs in order to find who did it! What the devil is wrong with you all? Who cares who ate him, they are wild animals and just leave them alone – you walk among them, expect the worst. Pity all these “hunters” don’t meet similar fates and these ‘kill’ farms should be closed down

Jean Velarde

Yeah yeah yeah yeah good for you.

Neila Wood

Great NEWS–this F—king POS got what he deserves–Too bad they killed the crocs just for this trash! Maybe KARMA is going to finally start working—

Eugene Rae

I was enjoying that story until I read that three crocodiles had to died just so it could be confirmed that the idiot had been eaten. Isn’t it always the way? Animals die becasue humans are “so special”.

Sue Lesmond

Excellent news.The only good hunter is a dead one.An eye for an eye!

Peter Deelen
Peter Deelen

I hope this is not the last one !!!!!!

Theresa Kemp

Karma! What goes around, comes around as my mum used to say.

Sandie Colpetzer


Nina Stavlund


Tracy Whitcomb


Lindsay Leclair

Pay backs a bitch

neil edwards
neil edwards

My heart goes out to the three crocodiles that had to be murdered,they were peacefully living their lives until humans intervened. Yes may they rest in peace CROCODILES that is.

Cat Vincent

Well…. sad for his family, BUT…….Karma strikes…..VERY sad that they killed 3 Crocs to find his remains.

Kathleen Colley
Kathleen Colley

Yes, that’s Karma for you – the Universe will eventually take care of the bad deeds by balancing the scales of justice. It may take some time, but eventually the evil doers will,have to pay, either themselves or a loved one of theirs. Scary, huh?

David Lowe

ying and yang, sort of poetic justice really, I think he got what he deserved,