Two men charged with trying to steal penguin and eggs from Tasmanian breeding ground

Two men charged with trying to steal penguin and eggs from Tasmanian breeding ground

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Two Tasmanian men have been charged after they allegedly tried to steal a penguin and two eggs from a breeding colony.

Police were called to the Low Head lighthouse just before 2pm on Sunday following reports the duo were taking a live from the rookery.

Before police arrived, members of the public intervened and the penguin was removed from the boot of their car.

Police later found the men and allegedly discovered two eggs, believed to be taken from the rookery, in the boot.

The men, aged 21 and 30, will be charged by summons for taking specially protected wildlife and taking products of specially protected wildlife.

They will also be charged with interfering with the nest, breeding place or habitation of any form of wildlife.

The eggs have been handed over to local wildlife experts with the hope they will be hatched in captivity.

Inspector Darren Hopkins said he was thankful to those members of the public who took a stand against the offenders before police arrived.

police is also keen to hear from any other witnesses to the incident and from anyone who might have phone or dashcam footage of the men taking the bird and eggs.”

This article was first published by The Guardian on 27 July 2020. Lead Image: A little penguin (Eudyptula minor) in Tasmania. Police have charged two men over allegedly trying to steal a penguin and two eggs from a breeding colony near the state’s Low Head lighthouse. Photograph: JJ Harrison/Wikipedia.

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Good I hope it sends a great message

Linda Badham
Linda Badham

God help us , theres soo many despicable disgraceful acts done to animals that this really has to be high on the list for cruelty, for theft, for crimes against wildlife, and anything else that these lowlife scum deserve. Plz throw the book at them and lock them up !!!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

I’d ask wtf is wrong with people but the better question is wtf isn’t