Video: Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest hangs in the balance!

Video: Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest hangs in the balance!

The future of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest still hangs in the balance. First Nations, environmentalists, industry, and government continue to forge a compromise that might keep this 64,000 square kilometre region from having the same sad fate as most of the world’s precious preserves of water, food, wildlife, and oxygen.

But even if this is successful, the Great Bear’s fate is still sketchy — especially with the pipelines and tankers that are proposed to cut through its forests and traverse its waters.

To insure a truly sustainable future for the Great Bear, the “economics” and “value” of places like it, we need to look that those concepts through a different lens. I had a chance to do just that in September, on a expedition sponsored by the Vancouver Observer.

The Great Bear needs more voices at this crucial time. Here is my contribution.

This video was first published by Bill Weaver on 28 Dec 2014.


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