Video: Kayaker gets close and personal with killer whales

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Travel enthusiast Michelle Feis meets a set of more than 20 killer whales while she was out kayaking with a friend at the end of August.

The video was uploaded onto social media on September 1 and shows Feis and her friend in their kayaks near the shore when a group of killer whales swim up to them.

In the video, Feis can be heard screaming with glee as the whales swim right up to and underneath the kayaks.


This video was first published by The Guardian on 23 Sep 2015.


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Dianna Vandenberg

Wonderful to see.Better to keep as a protected species .Thanks for sharing.

Carol Duke

How incredible. What great fortune to be there at that moment.

Mark McCandlish

Some day, maybe years from now, scientists will have decoded whale speak and we will be able to tell them just how "cool" they are to us through some computerized audio translator. As I watched this, I was sitting here grinning from ear to ear. What a marvelous moment. Makes me want to dig out my SCUBA gear and plan a trip…