Video: Sea Eagles: Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival

Directed and shot this film about the with Iolo Williams on the .

I also produced the rest of the show – including the rest of this film looking at the UK coast.

Featuring Ellie Harrison swimming with seals off the Farne Isles.

This was first published by Sam Bailey on 16 Feb 2015.



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Susan Lee

I had no problems with clicking on the video and watching it play…my computer is SO old that IT has forgotten what it uses just like I have. 🙂

Ken Billington

Sandy Cole , the video on this page and the Best Photo of the Week Competition pages display without any problems on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Do you also have problems viewing videos and photos on other websites? You might want to check that your browser settings are not blocking videos and photos.

Sandy Cole
Sandy Cole

Ken Billington I use Chrome; also tried Firefox. Used to be able to view best photos of the week. Is this a Facebook problem?

Ken Billington

Please let me know which browser you are using – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Is it only videos you cannot play or are you having other problems? Please advise

Sandy Cole
Sandy Cole

Why can't I open anything or watch a video from this site? It used to work!