Watch The Playful Interaction Between a Tourist and a Cuddle-Loving Baby Elephant

Watch The Playful Interaction Between a Tourist and a Cuddle-Loving Baby Elephant

You can never deny the effect of baby animals on humans. They can melt your heart, make you laugh, and make you cry due to their overwhelming charm. Amidst a stressful day, people watch adorable videos that instantly relieve them from negativities.

Animals really make the world a better place — all the more reason to protect them and their habitats. If videos and photos of them bring so much happiness, what more in real life?

Interactions with baby animals are an experience that will turn into a core memory. You’ll either gush over their cuteness or laugh so hard due to their hilarious antics.

For one tourist, a playful elephant made her laugh as it playfully asked for cuddles. The video was shared on Reddit by Kafadafada with the caption, “Playful baby elephant.” It was so hilarious and cute that the post gained lots of engagements — receiving 17k upvotes and over 200 comments.

The baby elephant radiated with sunshine, although it was a rainy day. What they thought was a friendly approach turned into a wrestle. The playful elephant tackled the woman and tried to sit on her lap.

On the muddy ground, the woman could not stop laughing at how the elephant hilariously showed affection. It looked quite dangerous, but the young animal seemed to love the woman so much that it didn’t leave her alone.

Playful baby elephant
by u/Kafadafada in aww

Every time the woman would attempt to sit down, the baby elephant would take her down with a hug. The trip might have been one of the most remarkable moments for the woman. Redditors expressed their jealousy as they wanted to get elephant cuddles as well. “OMG what I’d give to experience that!” atwistofcitrus commented.

Others also pointed out that the elephant behaved like another animal. Key_Cantaloupe9597 wrote, “That’s a dog in baby elephant suit. So cute.” Indeed, it was like a dog who highly adores its human and couldn’t help but express affection.

While it was a treat for others, some people commented concerns for both the elephant and the human. Hopefully, no one was harmed that time, and it was all just a sweet and fun-loving interaction.

This article by Ergil Ermeno was first published by The Animal Rescue Site. Lead Image: REDDIT/KAFADAFADA.

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