Whooping Crane Found Fatally Shot in Indiana

News report that a Whooping Crane has been shot and killed in Indiana. What kind of person can wilfully shoot and kill such a graceful creature?

Whooping Crane (Grus americana) – Photo by Brian E. Small

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Derik Palmer
Derik Palmer

Unfortunately there is a mindset common in the USA which regards anything that moves as a suitable target. It’s all seen as good fun. Personally I believe that the attitude is linked to the sort of fundamentalist Christian belief held by many americans who see the world as created by God for human beings and everything else placed there for his enjoyment. I prefer to believe that if we are the dominant species on the planet then that bestows upon us a special responsibility to look after it and all its inhabitants rather than giving us donimion over them. Life… Read more »