Woman Rushes to Help Abandoned Baby Deer and Gets Hilarious Surprise

Woman Rushes to Help Abandoned Baby Deer and Gets Hilarious Surprise

On a busy Thursday, Tosha Smith, a dedicated wildlife rescuer with All Things Wild Rescue and Rehabilitation, received a peculiar call while at work. A fawn was reportedly trapped under a vacant house and appeared to be in distress.

Without hesitation, Smith dropped everything and rushed to the scene, accompanied by fellow rehabber Angela Lira and three constables, all eager to bring the little deer to safety.

Upon arriving, Smith prepared to crawl 25 feet through mud and dirt under the house. With her phone tucked in her shirt and a flashlight from one of the officers, she began her rescue mission.

As she made her way through the darkness, Smith noticed that the deer seemed unmoving and strangely artificial. Despite her doubts, she decided to continue, encouraged by the onlookers cheering her on.

In a Facebook post recounting the event, Smith wrote, “About halfway in I thought something wasn’t right, but my onlookers cheered me on and told me I didn’t come this far to quit, so I kept crawling and I finished what I had started.”

Upon finally reaching the animal, Smith was stunned to find that the distressed fawn was not a real deer at all. Instead, it was a decorative plastic replica that had been abandoned under the house. Although she felt a bit silly, Smith was ultimately relieved that no animal was in actual danger.

She told The Dodo, “I felt silly but also relieved that we didn’t have another case of a fawn having to grow up without Mom!”

Despite being covered in dirt after the unexpected rescue mission, Smith was able to laugh at the absurd situation. The event showcased the unwavering commitment of local wildlife rescuers to save animals in distress, regardless of the circumstances.

Smith’s experience serves as a reminder that even in seemingly ridiculous situations, the dedication of wildlife rescuers should be celebrated and supported.

We encourage everyone to support their local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers, which tirelessly work to save animals in need. Your help, whether through donations or volunteering, can make a significant difference in the lives of countless animals.

This article by Josie Fu was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 25 April 2023. 

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