Apr 202018
Fiofío grande (Large Elaenia) Elaenia spectabilis

De mi última escapadita a la Reserva urbana Arroyo Itá les comparto estas fotografías de un Fiofío grande bastante confiado que me permitió acercarme lo suficiente a el como para que salga lindo en las fotos. En este día estaban forrajeando a muy baja altura del suelo aprovechando la gran cantidad de insectos que había […]

Apr 202018
POLL: Should Theresa May end the cruel and ineffective badger culls?

Two badgers who starred in a wildly popular BBC show could be slaughtered by marksmen currently carrying out a badger cull in England. Bumblebee and Gnat are orphaned badgers who were adopted by a rescue center in southwest England. They ultimately starred in “Hugh’s Wild West,” a BBC Two show watched by millions and presented […]

Apr 192018
Six species that have recovered from the verge of extinction

Across the world there are numerous species of animals whose existence has been threatened by human intervention. From pollution in our oceans, to the increasing presence of city life, to the ongoing problems with poaching, many animals are suffering at the hands of humankind. Fortunately, due to the tireless efforts of conservationists, some species are […]

Apr 192018
Chinese man caught smuggling five rhino horns is jailed by Dutch court

A Dutch court has sentenced a Chinese man to a year in jail for smuggling five rhino horns and four other horn objects worth about €500,000 ($613,000) in his luggage. The man was caught by customs officials at Schiphol airport in December as he traveled through Amsterdam on his way from South Africa to the […]

Apr 182018
POLL: Should Facebook block "Illegal Wildlife Trafficking" advertisements?

While Mark Zuckerberg was testifying before Congress about Facebook providing user information to Cambridge Analytica, additional disturbing news about his company was making headlines. Facebook has been making a profit by selling ads on pages that are operated by illegal wildlife traffickers. The pages sell the body parts of endangered animals, according to a complaint […]

Apr 172018
Territory battle

Instead of heading up the A12 we headed down the M20 arriving at a very murky Dungeness at first light. We attempted a short seawatch but the mist was a real problem as was the rain and lack of wind. We had a few Auks, Gannets and Sandwich Terns along with a single raft of […]

Apr 172018
For a new relationship with Wilderness

There was a time, not-so-very-distant-at-all, when wilderness management corresponded to “the art of producing sustained populations of wild vertebrates for man’s convenience, pleasure, and use” (Alexander, 1962). Wildlife conservation so far has indeed been more about human satisfaction than natural balance. A healthy wildlife population is one of the pillars of humanity and nature as we understand it. […]

Apr 172018
Bowhead whales: jazz artists of the deep whose calls rival birdsong

How do bowhead whales in the unbroken darkness of the Arctic’s polar winter keep busy during breeding season? They sing, of course. From late autumn to early spring, off the east coast of Greenland, some 200 bowheads, hunted to the edge of extinction, serenade each other with compositions from a vast repertoire of song, according […]

Apr 162018
Rördrom, Rocksjön

Ett inlägg!! Har varit slö med uppdateringar men nu får jag chansen igen med lite bilder tagna på en rördrom, denna individ uppehåller sig vid Rocksjön i Jönköping och försöker få föda i de få öppna vattenytor som finns nu.    

Apr 162018
POLL: Should the keeping of dolphins and whales in tanks be banned worldwide?

It’s been nearly 9 years since The Cove brought the story of dolphin massacres in Taiji, Japan, and the issue of captive cetaceans before the eyes of millions of people around the world. The film shows viewers the images of fishers corralling dozens of thrashing and squealing dolphins into nets set up in Japan’s sheltered […]

Apr 152018
Painted Lady Butterfly – Dhahran Hills

The first Painted Lady butterfly of the year appear in late March possibly as a result of the very heavy rains. Although the Painted Lady can survive in Saudi Arabia in most years the majority of butterflies are probably migrants. The Painted Lady is the most widely distributed butterfly in the world occurring on all […]

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