May 222018
‘Paradise and hell’: the battle to save the forest elephant

Deep in the steamy rainforest of Gabon, a poaching gang’s night-time fire is smouldering and two long elephant tusks lie among the tangled roots. The axe that hacked them off lies nearby. Just after dawn, the insect buzz and bird chatter is suddenly pierced by a whistle blast and camouflaged park guards burst out from […]

May 212018
South-East China - 24th April (Day 3)

Our first full birding day and we were raring to go, we were up at 05:00 and into the bus by 05:30 we were on site at the Dongtai seawall by 05:45 where we had breakfast of banana, Snicker’s bars and various bread with hot sweet coffee on the seawall. Scanning during our breakfast produced […]

May 212018
POLL: Should fur farms be banned and closed down?

An undercover investigation of a fur farm in Canada has exposed heartbreaking animal suffering, and the sad reality for mink who are raised and killed for their fur. The investigation was conducted by Last Chance for Animals (LCA) at the Millbank Fur Farm Ltd., in Ontario, where more than 40,000 mink are housed. According to […]

May 212018
Thrush Nightingale

May, guiding and demanding kids makes blogging difficult! Yesterday I guided Gene and Susan from Minnesota and we had a great day under a hot sun. Marsh Harrier, Water Rail, Shoveler, Ruff, Wryneck, Osprey, Icterine, Reed and Sedge Warbler plus all three flycatchers was a pretty good showing. Today, as forecast, we had rain in […]

May 202018
POLL: Should Canada Ban Whale and Dolphin Captivity?

After years of delays, animal advocates are again hopeful that Canadian lawmakers will move to pass legislation banning whale and dolphin captivity. The legislation, Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act (S-203), would effectively phase out captivity by banning captive breeding, imports, exports and live captures of all whales, dolphins and porpoises in Canada, […]

May 182018
Churrinche (Vermillion Flycatcher) Pyrocephalus rubinus

Durante las últimas veces que recorrí la Reserva del Arroyo Itá pude encontrarme con varios individuos de esta especie migratoria, coincidiendo con los registros anteriores para la misma época del año nuevamente pude registrar a individuos juveniles que se quedan por estas latitudes para pasar el invierno, o quizás esperan un poco mas de tiempo […]

May 182018
The impact of plastic on our oceans

Around 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans, with these vast, wondrous bodies of water an essential part of our planet’s lifecycle. Plastic, however, is a serious threat to our oceans, and the wildlife that are so dependent on them. Ocean pollution is a huge issue, with plastic a particularly prominent pollutant. Researchers […]

May 172018
Will a Warming Planet Spell the Silence of the Eiders?

The air is filled with the sounds of wings clicking together as thousands of eiders migrate in closely packed flocks on their way to breeding grounds on the Arctic Coastal Plain. Their wings strike each other and rustle as the birds fly low in an undulating formation that stretches as far as the eye can […]

May 162018
Catita enana (Blue-winged Parrotlet) Forpus xanthopterygius

Durante la mañana del pasdo 18 de Abril mientras hacía un rato de terapia en la Reserva del Arroyo Itá me llamó la atención la cantidad de Catitas enana que veía, me detuve unos instantes para intentar observar hacia donde se dirigían y pude ver que luego de cruzar volando el arroyo se posaban en […]

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