Mar 232018
POLL: Should Wyoming abandon its plans for a Grizzly Bear trophy hunt?

It’s been less than a year since Yellowstone’s iconic grizzlies were prematurely stripped of federal protection, and Wyoming’s already trying to open the door to allow trophy hunting for the first time in four decades under a new proposal. There was once estimated to be 50,000 grizzly bears in the U.S., but by 1975, there […]

Mar 222018
Junquero (Wren-like Rushbird) Phleocryptes melanops

La mañana de hoy Sábado 10 de Marzo fue muy productiva en lo que a calidad de fotografías y registros se refiere, si bien durante la primera hora la actividad de aves era muy reducida en el Arroyo Mártires decidimos con Nico recorrer un poco el lugar para tratar de encontrar algo para fotografiar. Al […]

Mar 222018
Bushmeat hunting threatens hornbills and raptors in Cameroon’s forests, study finds

Hornbills, vultures and eagles are being hunted for bushmeat in Cameroon in much greater numbers than previously thought, a new study has found. Previous research has shown that relatively few birds are sold in Cameroon’s markets compared to mammals and reptiles. However, market surveys can be biased toward commercially valuable wildlife, missing animals that are […]

Mar 212018
Indonesia races to catch tiger alive as villagers threaten to ‘kill the beast’

PEKANBARU, Indonesia — A wildlife conservation agency in Indonesia has deployed two special teams to capture alive a tiger blamed for killing two people this year, amid mounting calls for the animal to be killed. The Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in Riau province has been on the trail of the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris […]

Mar 202018
Platypus milk: unlikely weapon in fight against superbugs

They are duck-billed, egg-laying, semi-aquatic mammals with poisonous spurs on their webbed feet: the Australian platypus is so weird that early European zoologists thought it must be an elaborate hoax. But now a team of Australian scientists have found something else unique to the strange little animals: their milk has a novel chemical structure that […]

Mar 192018
Urban-Dwelling Leopards May Be Protecting Humans From Rabies

City-dwelling leopards may sound like a major threat to human safety, but these predators could actually be protecting urban residents from rabies. Big cat sightings have been on the rise in Asian cities,as urban sprawl forces animals like leopards to either roam further afield or to travel into cities to find prey. The influx of […]

Mar 182018
Mammals of Kruger Park

In my last post from South Africa, I will share some photos of mammals and reptiles we encountered in Kruger Park. Even though we did not find any surprising animals, it was exciting to see large numbers of common mammals. After the low densities we had experienced in Hluhluwe, Kruger Park felt like the Real […]

Mar 182018
Pine Martens Could Save the UK’s Red Squirrel Population

The reintroduction of pine martens in Scotland has been controversial, but data from a new study revealsa potential bonus: These cat-sized predators could help the beleaguered red squirrel to bounce back. The study, which appears this month in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B,” suggests that while pine martens prey on red squirrels, […]