Mar 182018
Mammals of Kruger Park

In my last post from South Africa, I will share some photos of mammals and reptiles we encountered in Kruger Park. Even though we did not find any surprising animals, it was exciting to see large numbers of common mammals. After the low densities we had experienced in Hluhluwe, Kruger Park felt like the Real […]

Mar 172018
Corbatita blanco (White-bellied Seedeater) Sporophila leucoptera

Una vez mas retomamos la actividad escolar del presente año y coincidiendo con el pasado vuelvo a tener disponible unas 3 horas libres durante la mañana del viernes, y como es habitual las utilizo siempre y cuando el clima lo permita para sacar fotos. Hoy me fuí a la Reserva del Arroyo Itá en donde […]

Mar 162018
Cats and Vultures of Kruger Park

On our last full day in Kruger Park (February 16th) we spent some quality time with a pride of Lions not far from Satara, along the famous S100 track, by a waterhole. When we got there a few cars had already assembled, but it wasn’t too bad. I managed to maneuver myself into a good […]

Mar 152018
Ñacundá (Nacunda Nighthawk) Chordeiles nacunda

Pocas son las ocasiones en las que durante una cacería fotográfica de aves se alinean los planetas y todas las condiciones quedan del lado del fotógrafo. Cuando una especie en particular nos sobrevuela cerca como este ñacundá, teniendo el sol a nuestra espalda, y un fondo despejado para ayudar a que el enfoque sea rápido, […]

Mar 152018
The Chain Reaction on Nature of a Lack of Education or Knowledge

Everyone loves to get close to wild animals right? That feeling of wow am I really doing this, is that wild *animal* really that close. That’s what goes through my mind when something is a reasonable size to see the detail in hair/ feathers/ scales in my 300mm +1.4 converter (I’m incredibly short and a […]

Mar 152018
Colorful Birds of Kruger Park

Watching Wood Pigeons and Blackbirds digging in the snow out of my window now, but my head and heart are still in South Africa. Luckily those images keep the memories fresh and warm. On February 16th we drove around Satara, to the south and to the east. We left very early, especially for big mammals. […]

Mar 122018
Pennington Marsh - 5th and 9th March

I visited Pennington Marsh on 5th and 9th March and on both days saw much the same. Its a pretty static time of year with winter birds steadily but barely noticeably declining and very few migrants appearing. The Lapwing are now in regular display and are busy making nesting scrapes on the marsh while Black-tailed […]

Mar 112018
Summer time birding - Tanoumah

Last summer I visited Tanoumah, and have just sorted out my photos from the trip. Below are a few species I managed to see and photograph including Abyssinian White-eye, Brown-necked Raven, Common Kestrel, Crested Lark, Little Rock Thrush, Tristrams Starling and Violet-backed Starling. I also saw a few Arabian endemics including Arabian Serin, Arabian Wheatear, […]

Mar 102018
Finally in the (Norwegian) bag - White-backed Pecker

Before today White-backed Woodpecker was one of three species of regular breeder on the Norwegian mainland that I had not seen in Norway with the other 2 being Stonechat and Leaches Petrel. Norway has a very important population of White-backed Pecker but these birds are all in the west of Norway and have eluded me […]