Jan 202018
Western Ghats - 3rd December (Day 9)

We were up at 05:45, loaded the car and then drove to Cairn Hill Park just outside of Ooty to get better views of a couple of the endemics to be found here after our last visit on 1st December when the weather was terrible. As we entered the park there were three Black-and-Orange Flycatcher […]

Jan 192018
Plain Tiger – Raydah Escarpment

The below photograph of Plain Tiger Danaus chrysippus was taken in the bottom valley of the Raydah Escarpment in the Asir Mountains of southwest Saudi Arabia. This butterfly was first depicted in an Egyptian tomb 3,500 years ago, making it the first ever butterfly to be recorded in history. Its striking tawny-orange colouration serves as […]

Jan 162018
Summer or Winter, They Need …

It’s the staple of life! Water, birds need water every day, multiple days a day. They need it for both drinking and for bathing, both essential survival needs. In the summer, free water is scarce in many regions because pools evaporate. In the winter time free water freezes. Both scenarios remove water from the system. […]

Jan 152018
Wendy's Crows

Today I stood outside in the cold for a while watching this crow forage in the trash behind a Wendy’s fast food restaurant. I like the way it is puffing up its feathers. Another one flew over and then both left when I got too close, making dramatic silhouettes as they went. They are so […]

Jan 142018
Cachudito Pico Negro-Tufted Tit-Tyrant / Anairetes parulus (Kittlitz, 1830)

Creo haber dicho con anterioridad que debía apurarme un poco para publicar todo el material fotográfico que se pudo obtener durante el pasado 2017. Por tal motivo hoy aprovechando las vacaciones me puse a revisar los archivos de las vacaciones de Luis Lugo el año pasado a la Localidad de San Carlos de Bariloche. Durante […]

Jan 132018
Welney Whoopers

Yesterday I went to Welney Wetland Centre with my family. It was a lovely day after a very wet system passed through Norfolk. Much of the Ouse Washes were underwater, and aprt for the main hide all the reserved was flooded and closed off. This winter swan numbers are relatively low, yet. Still, Welney delivers […]

Jan 122018
Pecho colorado (White-browed Blackbird) Sturnella superciliaris

En un momento de estos últimos días, este Blog alcanzó el 1.100.000 páginas vistas. Un número que cuando comencé con esto allá por el 2010 era una utopía. Es un número concreto porque ustedes pasan y leen. La exposición creció, y de la misma manera crecieron las responsabilidades. Sentarse a escribir dentro de los escasos […]

Jan 112018
Two Spur-winged Lapwings – Jubail

Whilst biding the Jubail area I saw two Spur-winged Lapwings along the edge of a wet area. The species is still scarce in the Eastern Province although good numbers have been seen recently in the Haradh area including a bird this year that appeared to be defending a territory so may have been breeding. The […]

Jan 102018
Christmas Geese

For my last post of 2017 it is more of the same!! Pink footed geese have definitely been on my menu this Christmas.Each time I have been out this holiday period I have come across some large flocks of pink footed geese. They were all in the Pilling area and I suspect that it is […]

Jan 092018
Best ever DAY ONE count

With the better weather forecast for Norfolk that was our destination for the day one count. Starting with Barn Owl and ending wit a lovely Grey Male Hen Harrier we had a cracking day. Shore Lark at Holkham, Twite at Thornham, Snow Buntings at Salthouse and Cattle Egret at Stiffkey were the four main targets […]