Apr 172018
For a new relationship with Wilderness

There was a time, not-so-very-distant-at-all, when wilderness management corresponded to “the art of producing sustained populations of wild vertebrates for man’s convenience, pleasure, and use” (Alexander, 1962). Wildlife conservation so far has indeed been more about human satisfaction than natural balance. A healthy wildlife population is one of the pillars of humanity and nature as we understand it. […]

Jun 082017
Microsoft pulls the plug on Skype-certified phones

Many people with Skype-approved telephone handsets woke up last Thursday morning to realize that their phones were no longer receiving incoming calls. It seems that thousands of people all over the world who rely on Skype-approved handsets as their only telephone connection have been left in the lurch and forced to bid adieu to their […]

Feb 232016
2016 – The Year of the Otter

Otters are special animals – not only are they wonderful to watch but they are great indicators to a healthy environment. And yet all over the world they are being exploited for commercial gain and in some places hunted almost to extinction.     DID YOU KNOW THAT FOR EVERY TIGER SKIN FOUND THERE ARE […]

Jan 262015
WildFocus - the Photo Forum with a Difference!

Have you been frustrated by the tedious process of registration, searching for the validation email, losing your password and then having to create a new one? With WildFocus you can now sign in using your social media account. e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn or WordPress. Featured image: Green Kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana) perched on […]

Dec 042014
Promote Our Logos

Please help us to increase awareness about the urgent need to preserve biodiversity by mounting one of our attractive, animated butterfly logos on your website or blog. Choose the logo according to the background color of your web page and the width of your sidebar. The logos do not need to be downloaded to your […]

Jun 302014
Meet the best wildlife photographers on © WildFocus

WildFocus is rapidly becoming one of the most popular, photo-sharing websites, and membership is open to all wildlife photographers. It not only allows easy upload and organization of your photos, it also allows unlimited storage space and sharing options. It’s easy to register your details and there’s no approval process, so you’ll be creating your […]

May 022013
Most Popular and Widely-Read Articles in Apr 2013

The purpose of this review is to highlight the most popular and widely-read articles during the previous month. During April our global team of wildlife photographers and authors published 182 articles in promoting the cause of wildlife conservation. First prize goes once again to Adam Riley with Komodo and its Dragons, an article published in […]

Apr 092013
Get your free copy of the "Focusing on Wildlife" daily news

Biodiversity is the term commonly used by scientists and policymakers to capture nature’s richness and diversity, but also its biological interdependence. In fact, all species on earth may to a greater or lesser extent be dependent on one another; each species that disappears may weaken the survival chances of another. On a broad scale, tropical […]

Feb 072013
Most Popular and Widely-Read Wildlife Articles from 2012

You may be surprised to learn that our global team of wildlife photographers and authors published more than 1,500 articles last year in promoting the cause of wildlife conservation. Although we’re already well into 2013, it is certainly not too late to review the successes from last year. Several of the more popular articles were […]

Dec 282012
Want to Join our "Multi-author Wildlife Blog"?

Do you have an interesting wildlife story to share, images or videoclips you’d like to post on-line? If the answer is “YES” then we invite you to join our “Multi-Author Wildlife Blog”. Write and publish articles in your own language – although our principle language is English, we welcome original articles in German, French, Spanish, […]

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