Photo Competition

Photo Competition

1) Upload your photos (see competition rules below)

Upload your photos to the Photo Competition’ category from your PC or tablet (not possible from mobile phones). The upload form is only visible when you are logged in. If it is not visible go to section 3), 4) or 5) below to log in or register.

2) Entries for next competition

Monthly competitions start on the last Saturday of each month. Winning photos will be announced in our newsletters and featured on our website’s banner.

3) Easy Log in via Social Media

Log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google credentials quickly and easily. After logging in via social media you must reload the page to upload your photos.

4) Log in

Registered members can log in here. When logged in you can edit your user profile, change your password and upload an avatar on this link.

5) Register

New members can register an account here.


    6)  Competition Rules

    • Photo resolution: 1,200 pixels min, 4000 pixels max; photo size = 8.0 MB max.
    • Images should not be duplicated by uploading into more than one gallery.
    • Photo upload limits: photo competition – three photos per person;
    • All other galleries: five photos each 24 hour period.
    • Not yet a member? Go to the login page to register.
    • You have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
    • You confirm that the photo copyright belongs to you.
    • The photo title and descriptive fields must be completed.
    • Photos in frames or with colored borders are not allowed.
    • Photos of pets, captive or domestic animals are not allowed.
    • Contestants can vote for their own photos but ONLY ONCE!
    • Photos of paintings or drawings of wild animals are not allowed.
    • Photos not in accordance with conditions of use may be excluded.
    • Winning photos will also be featured on our blog’s rotating banner.
    • Use of social media to manipulate or influence voting is not allowed.
    • Composite photos created by superimposing two or more separate photos not allowed.


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