Petition: Johns Hopkins Experimenter Scrambles Barn Owls’ Brains—Help Stop Him

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Wearing owl masks and blasting audio recordings of screeching owls taken inside a Johns Hopkins University laboratory, a group of supporters gathered outside the office of Johns Hopkins experimenter Shreesh Mysore and called for an end to his abuse of owls.

Mysore cuts into ’ skulls to expose their brains, screws and glues metal devices to their heads, forces them into plastic tubes so cramped that they can’t even move their wings, keeps them there for up to 16 hours, clamps their eyes open, and bombards them with sounds and lights.

Johns Hopkins Experimenter Scrambles Barn Owls’ Brains—Help Stop Him

He pokes electrodes around in the brains of fully conscious birds, mutilating their brain tissue so severely that the animals become “unusable” to him—at which point he kills them.

This owl is one of many imprisoned in Shreesh Mysore’s basement laboratory, where he cuts into their skulls and screws metal devices onto their heads in curiosity-driven experiments that have no relevance for human health.

He claims to be studying human attention deficit disorder (ADD), even though barn owls don’t suffer from the condition and their auditory and visual systems differ vastly from those of humans.

“Cutting open barn owls’ heads won’t help humans with ADD,” says PETA neuroscientist and former Johns Hopkins postdoctoral fellow Dr. Katherine Roe.

“PETA is calling on Johns Hopkins to stop pouring money into that contribute nothing to treatments for humans.”

Mysore has received more than $1 million in funding from the university and $1.3 million from the National Institutes of Health. Let’s get these gruesome experiments ended today.

peta demo at johns hopkins university against experiments on owls

Please sign the petition:

Johns Hopkins, Stop the Owl Experiments

This article was first published by on 26 June 2019.


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Gerardo Francisco Nunez Sanchez


Monica Hedstrom

Linda Brennan I agree why can they not use murders with lifetime or death penalty instead and yes pedophiles -no one will miss them anyway

Mercedes Fernandez

Why don’t you take brains from experimenters and do the same to them!

Michèle Haudebourg

Signed and shared.

Barbara G Baggs


Susan Craig

publicize the names and contact info of thescum doing this.

Anita Rosinola


Eve Prussner

The government makes these experimenters millionaires by paying them to do these insane things which have never produced a cure for anything. They get paid with your tax dollars. It is a way for these experimenters to get rich. Oh, and they do not pay taxes on the money they are paid.

J Liz Victoria

Scum bags.

Fran Mehan

These experiments have NO VALUE once so ever on the well being of humans. This is nothing more than animal abuse. This person should be charged.

Pamela Brown


Dennis Dougherty
Cameron McElroy


Sheila Dunleavy


Marilyn Williams

This is really a reprehensible thing to do to innocent beautiful owls. Johns Hopkins should be ashamed.

Dinah Jungermann

Sick dirty bastards! Give him a taste of his own medicine!

Fran Young

Absolutely cruel inhumane barbaric torture for what????

Larry S

Stop these horrible experiments on defenseless wildlife. The do not have the right to do this to anyone or anything. Stop their funding and shut them down now.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Another disgusting example of humans cruel and stupid

Novita Sari Bangun

Stop it

Andrea Heidi Schwartz

What are they going to learn from this? Nothing. A different species physiology is different than a human being. Just more of a horrendous waste of our taxpayer dollars for these poor animals to be tortured.