Petition: Trophy Hunter Turned Rare Black Giraffe Into Pillows and a Gun Case

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American trophy hunter Tess Talley gained notoriety from a now-deleted Facebook post showing her smiling over the body of a rare black she had gunned down in South Africa.

She’s feeling the heat again after appearing in a CBS News segment bragging about the decorative pillows and gun case that she had made out of the ’ skin.

American hunter defends black giraffe ‘trophy kill’ after images posing with corpse spark outrage

“I got the gun case made, and I have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them,” she laughed.

Following the segment, Talley sat down with CBS This Morning to try to defend . As expected, she spouted hunters’ well-worn soundbites about “conservation” and “preserving the wildlife,” but when asked to explain how trophy hunters actually help animals, she came up empty-handed.

“The money from ‘conservation hunting,’ as you describe it, is a paltry sum compared to wildlife tourism,” countered co-host Tony Dokoupil.

“So the argument isn’t the strongest. If you say joy, you say you enjoy it—that I understand. The conservation part doesn’t add up.”

In the middle of a rambling, grasping explanation, Talley finally blurted out, “I’m not a conservationist—I’m a hunter.”

For once, we’re in complete agreement.

Urge UPS to Stop Shipping Hunting ‘Trophies’ Now

This article was first published by on 10 June 2019.


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What a sick individual to take down such a magnificent sentient being, one with a family and one who didn’t do anything to warrant being shot to death. I think this “woman” is mentally ill and should be put in a mental institution for life.

Sirène Lerh

Sale conass qu’elle se fasse bouff par ds lions
Une girafe noir en plus

Chamini Lasanthika

Hena gahanna ona mewata…..

France Christiane


Karine Fournier


Denise Bélisle

A law must be made to punish these trophy hunter and with imprisonments and this should be unnalowed by law

Karin Andersson

Could we do the same with the trophy hunter?! Turn him/her in to pillows and gun cases!!!

Alison Moanique

worthless excuse for a person. karma will get her!

Kathy Billings

Very evil.

Reinhold Kemper

Murder of first degree shall be punished by death penalty only

Janice Korgan Sullivan

they should out law killing for trophy I hate people who doesn’t care for animals

Jonathan Sevigny

Playing god something humans are good at!! Say your not all you want murder is murder no matter what species you are are!

Jonathan Sevigny

Horrible you should be ashamed of yourself for killing such a beautiful creature that spent its life not thinking it would be murdered by a small white woman with a disregard for a Life! Every life is worth a lot more then death especially since we’re in the biggest extinction in human history!im appalled by humans murdering everything! Giraffes are now critically endangered what the Fuck Humans!! We’re a sick horribly wrong backwards species I’m ashamed to call myself a human!!!

Homan Nepali

Not a brave ….

Rose Miras

Time to hunt the hunter !!

Marycarroll Moore

You must have not one ounce of feelings

Pamela Robertson

It is murder

Alf Stromberg

Tess Thompson Talley from tx

Maria Anna Mavromichalis

ugly evil bitch should be shot and hung by her tongue!!!!!!!!

Donna Taylor

Its still called MURDER….

Mary Alice Prater

Signed and ashamed of this rotten sonsofbitchs

Gloria Azocar Soto

Estupida como se te ocurrio hacer ese crimen mostruo maldita.

Anita Rosinola


Wanda Yeh

Your are the poorest excuse for a human being. How you you like for somebody too hunt you down for killing that animls. That’s what you deserve, see how you like it.

Wanda Yeh

Signed and shared

Kimberly Thompson

Makes me Sick to my stomach!!!

William Russell

Just ashamed such a beautiful animal killed for fun to satisfy the killing lusts one self centered trophy hunter. So sad she took the life of this animal all of humanity loses.

Barb Miller

Where’s Hannibal when you need him

Marie Ramstetter

Hex on her

Cathy Hull Hoffman


Alice Hecht Soliman

This piece of dirt deserves the death penalty for killing such an amazing and rare creature. Perhaps one day the killer will be hunted. I hope so

Nancy O

She has allot in common with the devil—It makes the devil happy too!

Colette Kramer-Lover

Can someone keep these pictures off FB? They are breaking some hearts. We all know there is scum in this world who are no better than maggots so what is the point of seeing what this evil person did? She looks so proud but will pay someday.

Colette Roy

Colette Kramer-Lover yes

Cameron McElroy

Oh for Lord’s sake!

Sara Leonard

I have no words that can be written here.

Edie Shaw

She is truly SCUM!!!


Ban ‘humans’ from trophy hunting, period !!! SHAME on CBS !!!

Betty Billups

She’s so proud of herself, poor deluded soul

Brenda Boutin

This freak has a lot to learn. They are not here for us to murder them.

Alyssa N Billiouxe

This should be illegal! She should be locked up!

Paula Rock Rock
Paula Rock Rock

People like this shouldn’t be allowed on this earth. DISGUSTING P O S.

Diana Faulkner McCoy

I’d love to see a lion holding her dead body in a picture

Anne M Gieg

There is no petition as stated

Edna Laird Diamond

There aren’t words harsh enough to describe this inhumane witch. I hope Karma gets her good and that her life is full of suffering

Jeanelle Todd Coutelle

I hope she pays for her actions…justice for all species

J Liz Victoria

May she realize one day what she has done.

Sue Curtis


Jana Marzano

Too gross for words

Annoula Wylderich


Marilou Salvador Villanueva

Demons ugly hunter hope you die..die..die..

Lisa Cripe

Pillows and shit is not food..
Sick bitch