Dec 292013
Road Kill

Caracaras are birds of prey in the family Falconidae. They are traditionally placed in the subfamily Polyborinae, but are sometimes considered part of their own subfamily, Caracarinae, or members of the true falcon subfamily, Falconinae. Caracaras are principally birds of South and Central America, just reaching the southern United States. Unlike the Falco falcons in […]

Jan 042013
A Winter’s Morning At Zoar Wetland, Ohio

The past few nights here in the southern portion of Northeast Ohio have been in the teens, so I’ve been thinking about the “odd couple” at Zoar Wetland. This past autumn, a goose and brown duck (no one seems to know the proper name, although it does resemble a Mallard), took up residence at the […]

Aug 042012
Eastern Bluebird Photography

Nesting Our bluebirds here in Ontario are a very beautiful species. so much fun to just sit back and watch them during nesting season. The male and female work together, and rarely will you see them separated. Mainly, they find man made bird boxes, and create nesting inside, through access of a 1 inch diameter […]

Jul 112012
A Family of Peregrines Part 1

Nature’s Wonders, by Raymond J Barlow 2 of the worlds most amazing natural wonders, the Peregrine Falcon, and Niagara Falls in one place! Photographers from around Ontario and New York State have been enjoying the beauty and speed of this incredible Peregrine falcon family. They have nested and been successful with 4 fledglings now being […]