Oct 102017
Be Sure To Be An eBirder

Somewhere between the Arctic and Southwest Florida is a place to relax and do some good birding. One of those great places to bird is in Killingworth, Connecticut. With the ability to observe action at a leisurely pace, typically 15 minutes before sunrise and beyond with a desire to increase my bird list, it has […]

Oct 132015
Central Winds Park, 10/3/2015

Yesterday I visited Central Winds Park hoping for migrants. It was kind of a slow morning. The cold front up north should have brought migrants down, but weather patterns seem to have held them from coming down to us. So I had 9 warbler species, none of them worth writing home about. The most unusual […]

Mar 272014
Eastern Phoebe at Central Winds Park

I saw my first Great Crested Flycatcher of the year this year; that’s usually a good sign that Eastern Phoebes are going to start packing up to leave. I suspect by the end of March, they’ll all be gone. So a few days ago I photographed an Eastern Phoebe at Central Winds Park. I’m going […]

Jul 262013
Guide to the Econ River Wilderness Area

The Econ River Wilderness Area is another of my favorite places ot visit in Seminole County. It’s only about 10 minutes from my home, so I can visit there on a whim, which is nice. The wilderness area covers about 240 acres that extends from Old Lockwood Rd to the Econ River just north of […]

Feb 082013
Canal St, 1/29/2013

It doesn’t look like much, but this little fence on Canal St just south of Lake Jesup is quickly becoming one of my favorite places for photographing sparrows and other perching birds. This morning was one of my best sparrow photo days. I was hoping to find a White-crowned Sparrow here, which I didn’t find, […]

Feb 062013
Lake Apopka, 1/26/2013

Beyond finding the Brown-crested Flycatcher and other flycatchers I was looking for, I had fun finding other birds as well. Several birds posed for photographs, most notably Red-winged Blackbirds, Eastern Phoebe, and Ospreys. Also a Red Admiral landed on a tree trunk for me. In my haste to find the flycatchers, I didn’t stop much […]

Dec 262012
Northern Mockingbird on Canal Street

My search for Henslow’s, Le Conte’s and White-crowned Sparrows have so far come up empty. I’m still hopeful, though. This morning I returned to Canal St., where I’d found Savannah, Vesper, and Grasshopper Sparrows earlier this month. The morning started out very cloudy, and the birds seemed content to stay hidden and quiet, but the […]

Jul 032012
Eastern Phoebe Parents and Young

Our Flower Hill Farm landscape and wildlife habitat is filled with the flutterings and cries of copious numbers of fledglings. These little Eastern Phoebes are just about to take their first flight. What a healthy, cozy brood! Eastern Phoebe Nestlings about to become Fledglings Eastern Phoebe Parent Hiccuping Eastern Phoebe Parent with a Mouthful of […]