Jul 262013
Guide to the Econ River Wilderness Area

The Econ River Wilderness Area is another of my favorite places ot visit in Seminole County. It’s only about 10 minutes from my home, so I can visit there on a whim, which is nice. The wilderness area covers about 240 acres that extends from Old Lockwood Rd to the Econ River just north of […]

Jul 042013
Eastern Towhee

I always hear towhees before I see them. In spring, males sit conspicuously in treetops singing what birdwatchers think sounds like: “Drink your teeeeeeee!” The first note is sharp and the last is a musical trill. Click here to watch and listen to a towhee singing the famous towhee song. Or I hear them scratching […]

Mar 092013
La Chua Trail, Paines Prairie, 3/1/2013

I was traveling up to Alabama this morning, and so I left early to see what I could find at Payne’s Prairie. I walked the La Chua Trail; it was somewhat breezy out, so I suspect some sparrows were hiding, but I did get to find a Field Sparrow (my first in Florida), several White-crowned […]

Feb 112013
Photography and Birding Hotspots in Seminole County, FL

When I first moved to Central Florida, the first places I visited for nature and bird photography were in Brevard and Orange Counties. I didn’t know of any good places to visit in Seminole County where I live. Every new place I found was in another county. But last year I began discovering my home. […]